awater2015 (640x480) ‘Friends’, of Aylen lake. We have all heard that the water quality on Aylen lake, is top shelf. I do believe this to be true. Having head & foot rivers, and a natural spring fed lake bottom, certainly assist to help the lakes’ replenishment, and cleansing of fresh water supply. Today, I want to bring awareness to some of the other issues, affecting our beautiful lakes’, water quality… and possibly other lakes, in the area too!


This article , refers to some observations, and questions regarding the pristine waters of Aylen Lake, Ont. Can someone please advise me to what the ph levels, turbidity, or cleanliness & quality, of Aylen’s water really is? Are these levels rising, or stable? I realize monitoring the lakes’ water, is the responsibility of the federal & provincial government departments. Yet, when the information is gathered, how is it then shared to the public, to area residents, or to our local communities?  Is the public, privy to such valuable info, and if we are; Can someone please help me, with how to find or obtain it?.

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The local health unit will only test local well water, as the land runoff, marine traffic, and other human use, can distort the findings of lake waters. Checkout the discolouration of boiling an egg, with the lakes water. Should ‘private money’ for water testing be required,  for a lake with Public access?

I know that some people, still drink the lake water, and a lot that draw from the lake, and use it for washing purposes. Could we get ‘swimmers ear” from a bath or shower? How about beaver fever?, or other water bourne germs that might be present? How are we notified? Is boiling the water still sufficient, for safe consumption?culvertdetierioration (640x480)

Another issue?… is the ‘Corrosive’ nature of our water of late. I’ve personally had a ‘new water pump system’ rust out/plugged solid in less than 2 years of steady use. I’ve had dock posts eroded to the breaking point, and minnow traps discinegrate! Remember all the ‘Acid rain’ talk in the 80s & 90s? Whatever happened there? Nowadays, terms like climate change, and global warming, garner all the headlines & attention.  ‘Please,’ I’m not trying to alarm anyone,… I’m just asking the questions!?! like… How are we advised of, or notified of the lakes changes in water conditons?

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How about the water temperature? By this, I refer to the temperature readings & averages, from over say the last fifty years. ‘Prior to’, when the hydro co. & phone co. were running their lines, up the lake, and after that!  I know that hydro used to fly overhead checking their lines for hot spots, etc.. yet I can’t say that I’ve seen them do this on Aylen lake. If this is not possible for the lakes, then how about a physical check of the lines, of any kind.


As depicted; The `winter freezeup` and `thaw` have manipulated, and kinked up the lines of (hydro & phone), all around the lake!  As well, during the milder winter months ‘the Ice’, adjacent to some of the green shoreline boxes around the lake, is always soft- textured, and visably different. Something not visibly noticeable, in the other seasons, that all can see. I wonder if the line loss affects my hydro bill?


Since the mid-late 1980’s, a time when hydro was first introduced to Aylen lake, Ont. The changes to the Electrical code have been plentiful, changes for Environmental reasons, and Safety upgrades. With all these changes affecting homeowners’, businesses, & tradesmen, where is the hydro, or  phone companies responsibility for line Upgrades, Environmental protectionisms, or just plain ole’ ‘Maintenance’ to the Lake’s system?  I’m no scientist, but as I understand it,… When the lake waters are warmed, it begins to deplete the oxygen in the water, increases the algae growth, changes the ph level, causes species extinction,… and the clean lake we know, may soon not be that way?lines aylen (640x480)

How about the ‘lines’ too? Are they compatible with todays’ technologies? Can we supply power back thru the current lines? If someone wanted to, say, install some Solar panels, and to qualify for certain electricity programs?… or How about ‘Call Answer’, & the other automated phone services available today? octnov-012-640x480  Or, the breakdowns, in the service, that have been experienced around the lake, for years now! With satellite, and cellular services here now, and improving more everyday, (not quite there yet!) Well,…hydrolinerusting-640x480

Maybe, its’ time to start some ‘Dock talk’, regarding the upgrading, or maintenance, or….of these lines …for the lakes’ health & environmental concerns around the lake and downstream.

Finally, the ‘Erosion’ issue? As bylaws, and regulations are created to control erosion, of the lakes shoreline. The single greatest cause of erosion around Aylen lake, is the up and down of the lake levels. Anyone who has come up in April/May vs. Oct/Nov can agree, the variance in heights is quite significant year after year! And,… Who controls the lake levels?

When will the ‘real stewards’ of Aylen lake, have a ‘voice’, or at least some ‘communications’, regarding the lakes’ quality, conditions,, and future lake projections? After all, we are the ones to experience firsthand, the changes that affect the pristine waters, of Aylen lake.

May we all enjoy another century of clean water fun, on beautiful Aylen Lake! …. It truly is, a special place!

Thank you, for your interest….



Please Note: All postings are created … out of interest, or concern for the area of Aylen lake , Ontario.

I hope to entertain , inform, and provide some dockside reading enjoyment with the posts. Maybe start some discussions regarding the articles, or create an informative forum, for communicating with the Community.

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