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FYI The grader was out!, Grading the Aylen roads (wk.of May 9th-14th/2016), for its’ annual spring checkup! I always welcome any work done to our roads, and I would like to point out some areas of concern, which should be addressed, sooner than later. To the Township, the residents, and visitors to Aylen Lake, Ontario:

Please take notice: Our roads are deteriorating, and now have some very ‘Dangerous’ areas!  ‘Safety’ is a concern, driving on our Aylen lake roads. Shown; are some questionable ‘Maintenance” & ‘Safety’ issues of the Aylen lake road system. If I missed some, please forgive me, there are some Aylen roads, less travelled by myself.

On the Aylen lake-North road: Two trees, near the ‘Chapel road’ have been graded over, year after year (for 6,7,8 years now!). These should be removed. treeschapelrdgradedover (640x480) Is it, just a lazy oversight?  Maybe, but what about; the junction of the North road, & Shields road. A yearly, recurring runoff point, that creates a major ‘Bump’ across the road. This is also; just ‘Graded over’, year after year, with an annual Band aid. Let’s see what they do this year?

culvertnaroad (640x480)The ‘Culverts’: Some need replacing, some need more gravel top/cover, some have been undermined by spring runoff, and some have entry/exit areas that need to be ditched, cleared, and rip/rap protection added!, All of them? Ok, not all of them, but darn near. I say… It’s ridiculous! The township has all kinds of $hiney, new equipment!, Use it! (they even have a $weeper, bet that’s handy up here!) And more township $taff than ever before, use them! Too! There is, work to be done!

culverttopfill (640x480)There is tonnes of good quality ‘A’ gravel, that has had the flooding & spring runoff, just wash away, or has been graded, into the ditches. The spring runoff, poor snow clearing (this past winter), and the ‘ditching issues’ everywhere, have all contributed to the Aylen road system’s, deterioration.chapelrdrunoff (640x480)

Immediately, the road requires: Machine services’ & materials for; Widening areas (see;top photo)for safety, ditching, add’n’replace culverts, corners sloped (inside) accordingly for safety, and proper crowning & grading standards met. Plus, I’d  estimate approx.. 200 + loads of ‘A’ gravel substrate, several guardrails’, and other safety measures’ installed!, and…  then; after all the ‘preparation work’, and if the budget allows? Ha,ha! …  A ‘Recycled’ Topcoating!,…  from the ‘Highway to the Public launch, including the Parking lot Area!’

That’s all, just required, for now!… to bring the road up to the Provincial standards?!, and take care of the natural waterflows, & safety concerns! (except the Topcoating thing! that may require some big grant $$$) Hey, Maybe?, some of that Infrastructure $$$ our goverments like to talk about, & throw around, could come Aylens’ way for a change? Instead of going towards the Whitney, or Madawaska roads! Maybe?

Then, proper ‘Maintenance’ schedules and guidelines. To ensure the safety, and upkeep, of our roads.

balfourditch (640x480)balfourwashacross (640x480)I wonder???… How come, the ‘Road Services’ to the Lake, do not meet the minimum standard’?, or do they? (you be the judge: follow the links;below for some of the standards-grading, etc,,,) Then, go for a scenic tour of our road system.

Its’ ourselves, and our families’n’ friends that travel these roads, the most, folks! Let’s keep the township aware, voice your opinion… and,…  What’s with all the pylons! ‘Pylons, pylons, pylons’, Fix it Man! madequipyard (640x480) Keeping the equipment shiney and clean, costs the taxpayers. I’d rather see it dirty, and out working for the town$hip!

Please drive with extra care on the roads this spring! The ‘Ice’ is out!, the ‘Animals’ are out, the ‘Pylons’ are out, and now the damn ‘Bugs” are out!

ssnewlocnov27Oh!, and for the residents, owners, and friends of Aylen Lake. Right now the Town$hip is planning to do ‘Something’?, with our Public Parking lot area? Redesign/Reconfigure it? I’m not sure?.. But I am sure, with all the access to Planners, Consultants, Engineers, and alike. Why, do we have our Town$hip $taff, redesigning, and planning a Waterfront Project such as this? Let alone, do the work!  Have they demonstrated the ability, or gained your confidence, to handle this Project?  aylenpylons (640x480)

Surely, they realize the provincial regulations, and how much planning review, Min. Natural Resources/Min. of Environment/Oceans & Fisheries Canada. involvement, environmental consultations,  permits, and permissions, are required, for working at or near the Shoreline?…Let alone a parking lot!.. Think of the runoff issues… Hmmm!?

Do you feel the tow$hip will keep us informed, & do their due diligence on ‘all’ these matters? … Hmmm!?

Are the ‘Aylen Lake Roads’ condition, indicative of our future; ‘Public Parking Lot!’…  Hmmm!?

Did you know? The township has a ‘Roads Committee’, that should Tour our roads to: Analyse, assess, and develop plans for budgets, maintenences, and so on. The roads committee’s, last ‘Roads Tour’ took place: May 29/2014, and… they only toured the Whitney area, for 2 1/2 hours.servpic1

Here are a couple of the ‘Road Standards’ links for interest:

How about our ‘Public dock?!’… There’s a shocking example of township quality, and decision making. When are the ‘Planning’ meetings scheduled for again?! … Hmmm!?..   Let’s keep our municipality accountable! Voice your opinion, it does matter. For ‘The Lake’, & ourselves, who’ll be the ones, to have to live with the outcome.

Enjoy the Lake, everyone. Have a great summer!



Hey also, I’m trying a new poll system Please giv’r a try!

What is your fishing preference on Aylen lake?

Trolling for Lake Trout

Casting for Bass

Jigging thru the Ice

Back country fishing, the lil Lakes

Thank you, have a Great day!


Please Note: All postings here, are created … out of interest, or concern for the area of Aylen lake, Ontario., and the surrounding community . I take pride in advocating for issues of importance regarding  ‘The Lake’ and the community. I hope to bring awareness to other residents, owners, and visitors of the News and the goings’ on, around ‘The Lake’ & in the local area.coolmirror2

I hope to entertain, inform, and maybe provide some dockside reading enjoyment with the posts. Maybe start some discussions, or create an informative forum, for communicating within the Community.


Welcome to ‘My world!’, a Love for ‘The Lake!’

Aylen lake, Ontario.



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