plsign5 (640x480)Park here!, Trailers there!, and the Signs, are Everywhere! What do you do, when the parking lots’ a Zoo!?! Our public parking lot is no longer able to handle the traffic flow in & out, or the day, weekend, week, or summer-long vacationers, that enjoy Aylen. The message is clear. Aylen Lake needs a redesigned, and reconstructed Public Parking Lot, Trailer Storage, and Overflow Area! Plus more!, in my opinion.plsign4 (640x442)

The area requires; A professional review, and public consultation, and an Area Design that will accommodate the needs of all our ‘Lake Access’ cottagers. Plus, all the visitors, and vacationers to the area.

Please note:Public Notice’ for Parking Projects is required: Ontario Parks, Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry invites public comment by August 22nd on 4 separate proposals to improve existing parking facilities at Bottle Lake, Cold Lake, Anstruther Lake, and Long Lake.—courtesy FOCA elert.

plsigns1 (640x480)In my opinion; Any of the public lands in the area, should be made available to the Township for this expansion/upgrade. The parking curbs are disappearing, the restrooms are over fifty years old, the signage is…?, and the whole area is overgrown!… I wonder what the ‘Runoff?, or Environmental impact?’ to ‘The Lake’ is, from the existing lot?  pldockramp (640x480)

The ‘New Design’ should include: The usual car parking, trailer parking, and launching areas. vidcam1 252 (640x480) Perhaps the public washroom upgraded.

 My design; would also include: *A ‘Covered’ Parking Area, (with a rooftop covered with Solar panels) that could be a charging station for electric vehicles *{planning for future consideration}, or a grid tied supply center. Probably located in the 2nd or 3rd middle tier, of a multi-tier designed Area. solarparkingcover5

**A “Green space’, or ‘Buffer zone’, created up to 10m. back from the lakes’ edge, located along the shoreline of the entire public property. This area should be raised, and sloped to control the Runoff and Environmental impact from the Parking lot. This ‘Biofilter area’, should have narrow vehicular size entrances to the public launch, or docks. Plus, it could be a rest area, with some picnic tables, etc.. to relax, while waiting to launch a boat.augend 042 (640x480)

***A small, ’Utility’ type Building, in the upper area. One, where we can have Rec Committee, ALCA, or other meetings, or use it like the Madawaska facility; for Rec purposes, $$$ opportunities, & Fire equipment storage. The building could also be used for; Wedding receptions, dances, community $$$ fundraising, etc. Again, this Building would have a solar roof design/or other, to reduce the buildings’ expenses, and/or grid-tied if capable. Infrastructure  grant $$$, is available for this type of project.(see/below)

solarstreetlite2 ‘Solar street lamps’, could also be installed at the boat launch area, and the other parking, & utility areas.

Please note: Funding for Community Facilities – The Ontario Trillium Foundation has announced one-time grants starting at $5,000 to support local capital needs, as part of the 150th anniversary of Ontario’s place in Canada, in 2017. Associations that have community buildings may be eligible for funds to repair, renovate or retrofit existing community facilities. Apply by 5pm EST on September 14, 2016 for the Ontario150 Community Capital Program. Get details here: — courtesy FOCA elert Federal infrastructure $$ is also available…plsign3 (640x480)

Having such a large percentage of lake access cottages, Aylen Lake is definitely in need of a much larger lot. The long weekend of August seen the parking lot overflowing, with cars, trucks, and trailers parked up/down both sides of the Aylen Lake road, to the North Aylen road intersection. plsigns2 (640x480) As well, the seldom used overflow trailer area(old dump area) wasn’t utilized. During this weekend,… The only ‘good parking spots’ at Aylen Lake, was road access, or by having a float plane!

You know it reminds me of our waste disposal issues+… In that; the ‘Service Areas’, and ‘Services’; designed some 10, 20,  or 50+ years ago, for the Lake area. They are now out dated, insufficient, or beyond their capacities. The Roads, the Waste System, the Dock, and now the Parking Lot, were not originally designed, to accommodate todays’ Aylen Lake traffic!

Fellow lakers’ unite! Let’s keep our Aylen Lake – Public Parking Lot!, a priority on the Townships’ agenda. Be a voice for the Lake.

aylensunsetPlease like this article on Facebook, and start/join the conversation to show support .

I think ‘Aylen Lake’, deserves a lil’ more!… not less!, from our Township. That’s something, I hope we can ‘all’ agree on. Let’s be a united voice, when it comes to matters related to Aylen lake.

Thank you, for your interest.

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