pipefusionpic5Good News! A new ‘Public dock’ is coming for Aylen lake!, Yeah!!!… it is welcomed and needed. Well, we’re getting a ‘second one’, at least!

Did you Know?, In the loop?, How was it communicated to you?  This is Great News!… Or, is it?…. We’ll soon see for ourselves! For this ‘News’ and other ‘Municipal musings’ from our Council minutes, please read on….

Roads Report – (May 5/2016-mtg) Works Superintendent, verbally reported and provided council with a summary of the submitted Request for Proposal Tender 2016-05 for the ‘Aylen Lake’ dock. ( I didn’t even know about the tender? Did you?) Included in the documents was a layout’ of the boat launch areamoonlitebay (640x480) It was determined that the proposal tender would be awarded to Pipefusion Services Inc. *Note: (resolution to follow)?? for the supply and installation of an 80 foot dock. The new dock will be installed on the south side of the ramp. The existing dock will be installed in its normal location.

I’m curious? in regards, as to the ‘Layout’ of the area; with all the ‘Runoff issues’ alone!, associated with this type of Project. awater2015 (640x480)Why?, Oh Why?, is the Towns’ Staff designing the ‘Layout’? and/or doing the work! How about some ‘Professional review’, or Engineering consultations & design? How about MOE, MNR, O&F Can., or some Public input, too!  Aylen lake, is a natural spring fed lake. There’s, a lot’s of toxin spewing vehicles, have been(over 75 yrs+) & gonna be; parking, & launching boats there! This is not a shoreline project for a staff person to design & approve.. I can only urge everyone to speak up now! If you agree…please ask questions, or voice your opinion to Council.

Then, later at that ‘same meeting’

“BE IT RESOLVED that the Council of the Corporation of the Township of South Algonquin grants the Request for Proposal Tender- RFP-2016-05 for the Floating Dock to Pipefusion Services Inc. in the amount of $19,547.00 (plus applicable taxes).”- May 5/2016- (…and there you go!) (Well I guess its too late, to voice a opinion, or speak up, for the Public Dock?, but not the.. Parking Lot!) …Oh my!!

servpic4Wow!, What discussion?, What communication?, What ‘Lake Community’ participation? ‘Who, by the way, know the most about the lake. Wave patterns, wind currents, Ice flow directions, and alike.

Let’s see here: $20K. is probably equal to: 4/5 accumulative property taxes on Aylen!.. and, considering the ‘Service’ level reduction (in waste management services) we experienced last year. You would think they could’ve shown a little more consideration!

It kinda reminds me of our ‘Waste disposal system’, Eh?.. This is what you get,  and like it!

“How about our, roads?” an Aylen resident recently inquired. Well, just for fun?, here’s another of their ‘Roads’ report:

Roads Report ( apr.21/16 mtg)  A written report was provided in the council package by Works Superintendent : maddumpapr302016 (640x480)Verbally discussed: -Winter clean-up has begun. Street sweeping is finished in Madawaska and half of the streets are done in Whitney. -There was a fire at the Lyell landfill site on Saturday in the construction and demolition pile.???++ The fire was completely out by Sunday. (Hmm???  A ‘Smokescreen’, for their way of ‘Reducing’, ..That’s my bet!)  – Also,.. A ‘Discussion’ on the ‘Sun shelter’ drawings.— Whoa, Hold on… Sun shelters? Oh, my?! …

&… What about the Roads??… like, say: Aylen’s roads??

That’s not all, here’s an interesting tidbit!:

The contractor currently replacing the shingles at the Township Office also replaced some of the shingles that blew off the Madawaska Complex for a minimal fee. The contractor expressed that the existing shingles are not sticking and appears that the original shingles were laid when it was snowing. He also emphasized that ‘the roof’ is not in good shape, and recommended staff contact the manufacturer.

servpic2I’m sorry, ‘How old is this Building?’ 5/6 years?, and our Mayor, most of our present Council members, and town Staff!, were there during the construction of it! This is not the first time for ‘Issues’, with newly constructed Township buildings. The town Council and $taff, plus the Building and Planning department are all accountable for this project, too!…  Oh my!!

I urge all of you, who ‘Love” Aylen Lake, like I do!, or the  ‘whole’ of South Algonquin!, like I do! To please voice your opinion, on the ‘Parking Lot Plan?’, or any of the other issues, that affect our beautiful Lake Community. If the recent “Plumb” Lite Beacon, multiple “Signage” issues, or the “Road” conditions are indicative of the ‘Service’ level to Aylen lake. Well,… All, I can say is… Oh my!!! …?

The waters’ of Aylen lake, Ont. are pristine. Natural springs!, help to keep it that way. But, we can all help!, too!

publicjdock1 (640x480)



Thank you, for your interest.

Eh?, Before ‘u’ go,…

Please, give ‘r’ poll a try?

In the last twenty years have you ever been involved in, or witnessed a vehicular accident on the Aylen lake roads?



Thank you!

Please enjoy a favorite video…

Please Note: All postings here, are created … out of interest, or concern for the area of Aylen lake, Ontario., and the surrounding community . I take pride in advocating for issues of importance regarding  ‘The Lake’ and the community.

I hope to entertain, inform, rant, and maybe provide some dockside reading enjoyment with the posts. Maybe start some discussions, or create an informative forum, for the Community. beautyfog (640x480)

Welcome to ‘My world!’, a Love for ‘The Lake!’

Aylen lake, Ontario

& Thanx!, for Stopping , Bye! Eh!



info courtesy—Township of South Algonquin, ‘Council Minutes’ of Apr.21st, & May 5th/2016: These, being the most up to date ‘minutes’ available, on their website, at the time of this post/article.



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