Ever wonder what the relationship is between our ALCA, and the Township of South Algonquin? Funny thing? Eh! Why, after everything, the Township has NOT done for Aylen Lake? Why, does our ALCA choose to promote, and foster such a close relationship with them? When they should be holding the ToSA, accountable for the Townships’ care, for the Aylen Lake community!

As a permanent resident, on the lake! I have seen some good, & some great things come to the Township. Unfortunately, since Amalgamation, not much good has come Aylens’ way, though.

The following is,… Just my Opinion!

The Aylen Lake Community Association has become somewhat incapacitated, with its capabilities. You see,…In the late 90’s, the ‘Amalgamation’, into the Township of South Algonquin (ToSA),… And with that, Aylen lakers concerns about: Road issues, Waste and ‘the Dump!’, the Public Landing, and the Parking Lot,  became the responsibilities of the ToSA. What was left for the lil’ Cottager Associations to care for? Aylen lakes’ roads board?, the educational fund$?, parks n recreation?, and any interaction with the other provincial relationships’, ‘All’ were gone! More importantly, the direct ‘communications’ with these mechanisms.

Water Qualities, Levels, & Shoreline Issues, plus Forestry, and more are the responsibility of the respective provincial & federal bodies. (MNRF/O&FCan) Thus, with very lil’ left to be addressed, by the Cottagers’ associations. They, started losing their value, & purpose to the community. Yes, The annual Regatta is an ‘Awesome Event’. But, ‘Social/Fundraising’ seemed, all that was left for our association.

Notice everyones’ got an agenda, these days? With the ALCA,…This is no different! These agendas’, seem to represent & include:  The ‘Boat Access’ cottagers’ care more aboot; the Public docking areas, the Public Parking lot, and the Marker buoys, understandly.

Meanwhile, the ‘Road Access’ cottagers’ care more aboot the road conditions, improvements, maintenance, and it’s associated safety issues. Our road system doesn’t end at the public parking lot!

Other’s still,… wish to make Donations to charitable endeavours.  And,… most of the Cottagers’, have some opinion aboot, the Townships’ Waste Program?.

Going forward, The Aylen lake community association should change course, from its’ past. The time has come for the ALCA, to form a Rec Committee with the Township of South Algonquin!

 And regarding our ALCA,… I have some queries?,… Why is the ALCA  promoting,… “Ye Olde Fire Volunteers & Pump Brigade!, & the Fire equipment!,… Please, forgive me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t our Fire protection equipment system, given up on. Several years back now, for In$urance & liability reasons, I believe.  I’m not sure, about all this… but if not; Some updating of the equipment, a new listing of emergency contact#s,  a check of the ALCA insurance policy, Contacting volunteers, & lots of re:training of any/all the volunteers is urgently required.  Also, its’ just my opinion; but, advertising this Fire protection service?,  at the Regatta (or any other place),  to sign up membership, is misleading to fellow cottagers? And may raise some liability issues for the ALCA? For the Lake’s sake? *Let’s remember how many, & how close some of the forest fires were in 2016!

Another query I have; Is the Shoal – Marker Buoys! – The ALCA was modifying, upgrading, replacing, and arranging to put out the marker buoys, this spring, on the lake. Please, let me say, “That, I love and admire all the volunteerism to do this. Any/ & All ‘Volunteers’ to our lake community are the backbone of the Association, and great representatives of a love, we all have for the Lake”. Thank you all!

Having said that, and wanting to protect my fellow lakers’. I just want to question:  Whether there are any Liability issues here? The ‘Madawaska’ Rec Committee was arranging/looking into; ‘New’ marker buoys for Bark Lake. A year, or so ago. Which, is Ok because the Madawaska Rec Committee is associated with the Township thru/a bylaw agreement, and also presumably covered by the Townships’ liability insurance, for this. Is the ALCA?, or any of its’ Volunteers?

Our new ALCA Website is a great thing. A new ‘Website’ and newsletter to keep Aylen Lakers’ up to date on the Lakes’ News. I wonder where they ever got an idea, like that? Hmmm? Good job.

 I like the new Logo, awesome ‘Cottagey’ look!, Except?,…  What is the ALCA’s fascination with the Township of South Algonquin?, they’re on The Logo, the ‘Mayor’ is on a full page, plus more inside the website? Exactly, What is the relationship? ‘Aylen lake’, doesn’t have that kind of recognition on South Algonquin’s Website or Community profile! If any?

The new ALCA mission statement reads as follows: Protect and enhance all aspects of the quality of life on Aylen Lake and their immediate surroundings and to provide representation for the membership to Municipal and Government bodies   Whoa?, Say what?

I would urge the ALCA, to be careful with this… at least the Municipal part? until… other Options are explored. Let’s not let our past, of trusting this Township, define our Lakes’ future.

Their ‘Service’ standards, the rise in taxes, the neglect to our public spaces, the lack of communications, and the unbalanced representation at the council table.(and I could mention more…)  The Township does not care for the Aylen Lake community, as it should. Personally, I urge much ‘Caution’ , with any/all the ToSA members. Until, we can look into options.

 Option#1 We should transform the ALCA into; An Aylen Lake Rec Committee, once we get a Bylaw agreement with the Township. We’ ll need a councillor rep, 5/6 member reps, & councils approval.  What does a Rec Committee do?, for these answer’s and more… Please read my link here, or ask the ALCA & the Township some questions: http://aylenlake-services.com/aylen-lake-rec-committee/

 And,.. For some examples: Here’s some  ‘Recreation’ quotes, of what the Whitney & Madawaska Rec Committees’ are involved with. —courtesy the ToSA 2017′ budget meetings….

It was proposed that $20,000 be taken from the Recreation Reserve for outhouse construction at Centennial Park in Whitney. Also,… It was proposed that the Capital Expenditures be increased to include; Park project ($22,500 Grant and $10,800 our required contribution) = $33,300 ………..Pssst: Any Aylen lakers out there, know of an Outhouse that could use a makeover?

… If Option#1 has you uncomfortable, then the more aggressive..  Option #2: Contact the applicable Provincial representatives, the Ombudsman, MPP, etc.. Let’s do some homework, get some answers, & Move the ALCA to form a different Administration group. But!,… To remain the way things are?,… I’ve seen too many volunteer hours  wasted, funds directed off the lake, n’ very  lil’ in township communications. Aylen Lakers are forgotten, and good opportunities keep passing us!

I want the future of Aylen Lake to be decided by Aylen Lakers!,… not ToSAer’s! 

 Please ask the ALCA to remove the ToSA from their logo. Maybe, tell them they are representing Aylen Lake!, & not the ToSA! Question them aboot their ToSA relationship? Do they have ‘any legal binding agreements’ with them?, or just someone’s word?

Let’s keep the ALCA accountable to ‘The Aylen Lake Community’ as a first priority, else start another. The ALCA is the lakes’ only common Association, Do they represent the majority of the Aylen Lakers? Not even close! And, They should get that bylaw agreement!

Please, Have your say!,… Participate in our poll:

What do U think The ALCA should focus on, into the future?

Converting to the Aylen Lake Rec Committee

Making Charitable contributions

A Fire Protection program

Water quality and Lake Issues

Social Lake Events

All of the above

Thank u for your interest.

Let the Dock Talk,…Begin!

References:For more about the ‘Aylen Lake Parking Lot’ please read: http://aylenlake-services.com/the-public-parking-lot/

and,… just for reference: Public Parking Lots require ‘Public Notice’ before beginning any projects.— courtesy Foca elert.  Have you seen any postings, regarding the Aylen lake Parking Lot? or The Aylen Lake Road.

*A Special Note: For 3, maybe 4, years now, The Aylen Lake General Meeting,(1st weekend in Aug.) and South Algonquin’s Hazardous Waste Disposal Day, have been held on the same day!? Hazardous waste! Let’s see what happens this year? Good relationship and communications, Eh?

Have a great day!

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