Well, the mild weather at the end of February was welcomed, and provided a nice thaw to reduce the snow pack up here, at ‘The Lake!’ Yet, there’s gotta still be at least 12-18″ in most of the forest. Then, the start of March turned sub-zero, cold again. With the ‘March break’ over now, it got me to thinking? … Spring has got to be close, and will hopefully, soon be here? Are you getting anxious, awaiting your  Return to the lake?

 This Spring; Aylen Lake-Services.com has seasonal Cottage Openings, & Setup Services available. Let us help, take care of your cottage ‘opening’ needs. So, you can keep your hands free, for the more important things; like  swatting mosquitoes, opening beverages, unpacking, & fending off the blackflies too!

Spring 2017/Services available;

  • Docks‘ inserted, serviced, & repairs
  • Interiors’ cleaning & setup,
  • Plumbing systems setup, & primed
  • Mouse & Rodent services, & protection
  • Exteriors’ property inspections, winter protections removed, and exterior setups.

Convieniently, located on ‘The Lake!’, Aylen Lake, Ontario.

Our ‘Cottage-Caretaker’ has come out of winter hibernation, & is getting prepared (scheduling) for the upcoming season.

Please, contact us about your ‘Springtime Cottage Care’ needs today. Proudly, caring for homes, & cottages on Aylen Lake, and country properties throughout the South Algonquin area.

To schedule an appointment with our ‘Cottage-Caretaker’, for your Property …

Please, leave a message!‘ here…

Thank you, for your interest.

Please, participate in our poll:

What is your favorite Cottage beverage?

Ice cold Beer

Morning Coffee on the Dock

Glass of Wine & a Muskoka Chair

A Lakeside Lemonade

Lake Area Spring Water

Thanx again,

Remember, Spring has almost Sprung!

It’s gettin’ on,…  that time of year!

Have a great day!

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