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May long weekend, is the traditional ‘Cottage opening” weekend throughout cottage country. This year, on Aylen lake, the area saw large camping groups, cottage cleanups’ & renovations. Plus a few socials’  may have taken place. This was clearly evident, and on display at the ‘Disposal bins’, location, after the weekend. C’mon, it was absurd. ‘Nature’ doesn’t create garbage, people do!

These signs(depicted), were recently posted in the area of the disposal bins, along the Aylen lake road. Posted, after the May long weekends’- ‘Great Garbage Fiasco! Now, I know that the areas’ disposal & waste management, has always been a service of the township. Also, that programs like these can involve several layers of bureacracy and quickly become costly. But, this is also a ‘Societal Issue’ of moral conduct.

We’ve come to expect ‘Video surveillance’ cameras in the banks, airports, cities, and urban sprawl, of the country. At traffic intersections, in government facilities, and most private businesses. Now, like hydro & bell in the 80’s, or cellular service in the more recent years. Surveillance technology, is starting to find its way into the Aylen lake area, and other remote locations.

As a child, I used to love to go to the dump! Watching, the ‘Bears’ and ‘Raccoons’ was like a ‘Drive- in’ movie theater!…well, almost!(I miss those…too!)bearlooking Quick e-mail view I think the fact, that the garbage was in an area encircled by forest and somewhat enclosed. This kept the refuse confined and out of sight. Although, it was somewhat unsitely at times, even the debris a ‘bear’ would drag off, never ventured too far!

The present disposal situation, for our Lakeside community has certainly developed into an issue of concern!

For all: the residents, the township, and the friends/visitors of the lake. For the wildlife, the forests, and the sensitive ecosystems of this beautiful area!


Location, location,location! Has always been a good formula for business, real estate, and transportation. Perhaps, just moving the disposal bins to an area, just off the main road would help to confine the debris. While, visually removing the bins and debris from the publics’ sightlines!

There are some locations: The ‘recent log cut’area!, just in from the highway(to reduce road travel for garbage truck + future possibilities). The ministry pit area!(fenced & gated, with future maintenance yard possibilities.?) Or the old dump area! (offers the natural forest confinement & gated) Maybe, just a nice fence & gate, around the current area!(my least favorite option).  Now, I realize that various levels of government would need to be consulted, & provide approvals… I’m just throwing out some comments & ideas!

Or perhaps, just opening the dump to some more convienient hours, if not simply to accommodate our weekender traffic. The dump is currently open & available for disposal drop off: about ‘8’ hours a week, ‘4’ hours on a weekend!

Besides.., ‘Cameras’, are everywhere, including our personal cellphones…So, a photo can always be had, for a serious dumping violation or concern. videosignartPlus, if your going to the extent of installing surveillance for garbage dumpsters, why not install a full ‘Security’ surveillance system, along the Aylen lake main road, which would aid to protect our properties too! Which is a much greater asset to the township, then our ‘Refuse!’

Some pre-planning for the ‘Opening weekend’s, garbage onslaught!.. should be happening.  This was not the first incident! How about:  Some extra bins for the weekend?…, maybe? A more discreet location?…, maybe? Some more: ‘labour/hours’ designated to waste management?…, maybe? But cameras’, they will only lead to bylaws, enforcement, & raises the public ire with fine$ & privacy concerns! Plus, cameras are not going to pickup, deliver, or offload the garbage,… people will! This does not add any benefit to this service,  and only increases the $$$ spent.

A definitive solution, to this problem may not be readily available. But, let’s hope it’s just over the horizon.

sailsunrise In the meantime: Please, Lets’ all do our part, and help keep our beautiful area! ‘Beautiful!!!’  



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