Where have all the good Times gone?

Where did all the good Signs go?

All the contractor, and services signs along the Aylen lake Roads. Who’s idea?, was this? Without any Notice,  a Posting, or Bylaw? Perhaps, another request of a small group of people advocating the Township, for their own personal satisfaction?

Please, can someone tell me…. Who passed what Bylaw? or Authorized the decision,  Or maybe Who may have perpetrated the ‘Midnight takedown Run’? No matter who,.. It was not a very well thought out decision. Especially, for a township that is in desperate need of attracting any busine$$, or future busine$$e$.

To  takedown the Signs of the local businesses, means no Aylen lake advertising. No benefit for the South Algonquin Community’s, businesses, landowners, or consumers?  People will now travel to Barrys bay, to find a local Contractor, Tree arborist, or various other Services. Oh my!… What really hurts the area, though? Is that whoever’s decision, just sent more money out of South Algonquin, to the other township’… As well, it bolster’s the bulging ‘Underground market’ that is alive and well on Aylen Lake.  While hurting the legitimate players.

The ‘Signs’ may have been unsitely, at times, and could’ve have been better organised, but someone please explain this solution, or rationale…? And what about a consultation, discussion, or some form of public notice on the matter? Everything from our material purchases, & contracted services, to restaurants and accommendations.


What’s the Township’s plan?,… to address this missing ‘Signs’ mystery. Or the future of advertising on the lake road. Their record on signage issues, sure isn’t to good.

We all remember,..The Great ‘Stop’ sign debacle of 2015!  http://aylenlake-services.com/aylen-road-notice/ 

South Algonquin’s business owners, contractors and local services, need to know! What trees can they use? Can  you rent a Hydro pole for space? As a former sign owner, I can attest that I received a lot of business contact from that small roadside advertisement.

 Joe Vermaire’s real estate signs— Were put up in September, after all the others were taken down earlier in August-17′. I’m not implying anything, but….  ‘Why was it Ok for him, to have the signs up? Why were ‘All’ the signs not removed?, & mostly, just pulled down along the main Aylen Lake roads. Inquiring minds wanna know?

Speaking of ‘Signs”, The Township of South Algonquin could sure communicate a lot more with the Aylen lakers , perhaps with a Big Beautiful Township Info/Bulletin board type Sign, along the main road, highway entrance, or somewhere convienient to All!.

Nevermind, what was I thinking? Communicating with Aylen Lakers …?  & by such old fashioned measures…? Oh my!

If you need info maybe just check back with us, on occasion. We appreciate you! and your business, Thank you!

Well, “That’s all I have to say about that!”

Thanx, for your interest

Have a great day!


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