Wow!… What a winter we have had (2013/14). A period, when the ‘Polar Vortex’ became the new weather buzzword. winweaadvWe’ve seen rail accidents(some disasters), pipeline bursts, and rising fuel prices for natural gas, propane, & oil. Plus, in Ontario, hydro rates have become both obscene & alarming…. All during a period, of ice-storms,  blizzards, and frigid winter wind chills.

Aarrgghh! These rising energy costs, they give me reason to rethink the use of alternative energy sources & ideas. Especially, for power or thermal uses: on a retirement home, a cottage & vacation property, or a remote cabin in the woods.

PageLines- AylenLake2ThumbnailWebview.jpgAylen lake, poses unique challenges to sourcing alternative energy options.These issues, are similar to all the lakes in the area, and throughout the country.  Southern exposures,  forest canopies, wind currents, and landscape, all create microclimates. Your property’s microclimate, will directly affect your decisions, to find the best alternative energy solution. Although the location is always unique, there are solutions!grnenergyclip

‘New technologies’ are emerging everyday, and with rising energy costs, these products are now more interesting, and becoming increasingly  affordable. Solar and wind industry suppliers, are now supplying products that are far superior to those of the past. Plus, other alternative ideas of today may include: micro hydro turbines, and geothermal installations. Increased efficiencies, breakthrough discoveries, and decreased costs, could make alternative energy a much more favorable option. Perhaps a combination of sources, or just a backup system to your regular supply.

If rising energy costs concern you. You might just want to consider an alternative energy source, for your rural retreat!

More to come…



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