rerere2Waste management, or just a waste …?

For a couple of years now, the waste & disposal service at Aylen lake, has been a topic of dock talk, & discussion within the community.  More recently, the dumpsters, and long weekendz have garnered the lake residents’ and the Community attention.

Just last month, our Township announced: the Ministry of the Environment  declared that our garbage dumpster/bins did not meet their specs, and must be removed, and now have been!. How convienient?! After all the ‘sign$’ were created & purchased, and Bear deterents purchased…but that’s another article.mayjunepics 083 (640x480)

I feel, the issue here, is the lack of a plan, and the desire to administer one.  The kind of Waste management plan & system, that a community can be proud of! The decision to remove the bins was made by the Council & Waste Management Committee (mtg. May 12/2015/per minutes), based on information provided by their consultant. Not by the Ministry.

This decision, was a co$t related one. As the consultant added; that the sites of the bins, would require an Environment Compliance Approval(certificate?), and each site would need to be monitored, gated, and have controlled hours of operation. Basically, a fenced in area!  A requirement, that maybe one should expect in the year of 2015!

noticebinspic2015 (640x480) Now, time is also quickly running out on our Madawaska dump site. (approx. 5 years from closure, another scenario, that`s been known about for years!) Please, we need to plan, & implement a program that is cost efficient, good for the Environment, and can facilitate the needs of the community now, & for the ‘planned’ future.

A ‘Waste Management System’ is a complex department & detail, nowadays. It is a legitimate area of moral responsibility, where if managed properly, income opportunities can exist. If the municipality doesn`t wish to manage this, I`m sure private contracts & contractors could be arranged. Please, otherwise if left neglected, this issue could quickly ‘Raise a stink!’.

The comments from the local ‘Dock Talk’, or ‘Social Media’: seemed to be with regard for the lack of a real ‘Recycling’ program?rerere1 Or the need for a system, that is up to date with todays’ technologies, and can handle the refuse created.

Now, currently our Township has an ‘Official Plan”. One, which is guided by a ‘Provincial Policy Statement’ for it’s development & creation.

This ‘Provincial Policy Statement’, states; in Article: ‘Waste management systems’ need to be provided that are of an appropriate size and type to accommodate present and future requirements, and facilitate, encourage and promote reduction, reuse, and recycling objectives. Planning authorities should consider the implications of development and land use patterns on waste generation, management and diversion.

Our Townships ‘Official Plan’ says, “Where possible, the Township shall investigate opportunities for the development of cost effective waste management programs. And, that Ministry of the Environment has jurisdiction over waste management practices in the Township.” This townships’ plan has been in development/implementation for 5-6? years already.

wasman1So please!, somebody do something! What, or where, is a Solution? What are we to do with our refuse in September, and beyond? Also, is it a coincidence, that our ‘Hazardous waste day’, is always the same day as our lakes’ Annual General Meeting? Hazardous waste!

What is the ‘Future’ for disposal service in South Algonquin?… `The Bins` are our ‘History`!!!

Please comment (below), or start a conversation,  and voice your opinion on this Lake community matter. Remember: If a tree falls in the forest…

*Please everyone, let`s keep South Algonquin, & the Aylen lake area, ‘Clean and Pristine!’, Please dispose of your refuse properly!augend 059 (640x480)

Also note: All postings* are created … out of the interest, or concern for the area of Aylen lake , Ontario.  And, the surrounding community . I take pride in advocating for issues of importance regarding  ‘The Lake’ and the community. I hope to bring awareness to the residents, owners, and visitors of; any ‘News’ and of what’s going on, around the lake area.

I hope to entertain , inform, and provide some dockside reading enjoyment with the posts. Maybe start some discussions regarding some articles, or create an informative forum, for communicating with the Community.’

PageLines- AylenLake2ThumbnailWebview.jpgWelcome to ‘My world!’,

“I Love Aylen Lake!”

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2 Responses to Time’s A Wasting

  1. Carla says:

    Love your website. Thank you for all the info you have shared. My family are in the process of buying a cottage on Aylen Lake but are having difficulty finding out about the water quality….for ex. do you have cryptosporidium contamination? How clean is your lake? I know you mentioned in a posting the rusting/clogging of your pump and minnow traps and dock posts. Does the Ministry do annual testing of your lake water? I tried Googling data to no avail. Thank you!

    • admin says:

      Hi Carla, Thank you for your comments. The Lake has always had great water. I am like yourself in having a hard time getting any info regarding the water quality lately. MNRF would be the best source to start with.

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