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Living, & Building lakeside, has educated me to know, there are many differences, to ‘cottage- country’ construction vs. the more ‘urban’ methods. Firstly, the varying terrain of ‘lakeside living’ itself, can be the largest factor for determining site location, design, & construction methods.

Then, other factors too: like snow loading, frost lines(penetrations), exposures, and the building codes, are to be factored into the design.

Aylen lake is spring fed. Thus, the landscape that surrounds Aylen, too! is full of springs! These can be a welcome find in one area of a lot, and then quite an aggravation in another location.

Plus, there are other factors like forest canopies, lake-ice jamming, frost quakes, wind currents, shoreline erosion, soil conditions, and landscape, should all be considered, when selecting your Rural or Lakeside plan.

Propserv.jpgIs the property going to be a home (fulltime), cottage (partime), a retirement home, or an investment property. These too, will affect the design, and land use of the property area. Customization, is the norm in cottage country, where the landscape dictates; that no 2 projects are the same.

Today, ‘New’ technologies, Eco- construction techniques, and Eco-friendly appliances ‘n’ products, should also be considered in the design.

Plus, land use ideas like hobby farms, for fruit stands, artisans, and marketers, are of interest to some. Maybe, an orchard? a vineyard? or a rental retreat? is in your future. The opportunities abound!

 If your considering a country project, in the local area? Please, consider a consultation with us. We can Chat!, but in person, & On Site! (not Online) Together, we can plan your ideas for waterfront or country comfort.

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