‘Foraging the Forest’ : Call it…A lifestyle change, a search for answers, or just a love for the outdoors!, and the beautiful lands, that surround us!

I started to forage thru our beloved lands, to research some non-timber forest product ideas, that I had.

Drawn,  by the various smells of forest. The musty scent of the lowlands, or the clean, dryness of a hardwood stand.  I  discovered, something new, interesting, or weird, on every hike. I was addicted, …and now, I would like to help bring more awareness, to the forest ecologies of our area. Our Forests’ globally, are a cherished resource in decline. Our ever-evolving, yet declining forests, could provide many more answers, to some of lifes’ questions.

grousezoomA walk in the forest can be soothing, calm, and tranquil. It can also provide food, water, and clean air.

The area surrounding our beautiful lake, is rich with natural, whole, foods. Some, are jam-packed full with nutrients, vitamins, & antioxidants, found in the forage, of its’ forest.


This page, is for interest only…for more info, please follow our Blog posts for ‘Foraging updates’, of the area. Also please checkout ‘A Forest Forager’ page, on the Facebook.

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