A Hillbilly, Aylen Laker!…

 Well, I’ll tell ya’ll a story, about a man named Mike… A poor ol’ hunter, had to ride a mountain bike.

He was out one day, just a hunting for some food,… When there on a stump, he saw a real old dude,


Grouse that is!, a tufted neck, and a tail with black bars?

Well the first thing you know, ole’ Mike, he was ah hooked, The ’Kin folk’ said: ‘Ah,… that there, … needs be cooked!

So he booted up his lap top, and Googled ‘Birds I see?’ That’s when it occurred to him,… ‘I need a Recipe!’


For; ‘Bird’s’ that is,…  with beaks and claws!


Now, the ol’ guy hunts, he fishes, and he forages all day,… He’s hooked, he’s lovin it,… but wishes it would Pay!

Dollars, that is!, Plenty-o-green!,… Ya know da kind, with da Pics of the Queen!


 Now, as this story,… it draws’ to an end,.. Ye old guys’ a resting, his body’s on the mend.

In a hammock, is where he will be,… Relaxing, & sipping,… on sweet ‘Chaga’ Tea!

Ya’ll come back now, to Aylen Lake!,… Ya hear!


Courtesy/Author: ‘This here, Lake Fella!’


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Thank you,

My Inspiration:

Ya’ll come back now, to Aylen Lake!,… Ya hear!

Please Note: All the postings ‘n ‘ page’s within the site, are created … with love ‘n’ interest, for ‘The Lake’ Aylen lake, Ontario. A direct descendant, of the Dennison family, and early settlers to Aylen lake. I have family heritage here, & I’m committed to land & lake stewardship, for the area I call home!

With my blog, I hope to entertain, inform, and communicate; “What’s goin on?” here at ‘The Lake!’ Help, provide a Shop from your dock experience ?, & Maybe start some discussions’, or create an informative forum, for communicating within the Community.

Thank you, for your interest.

Welcome to ‘My world!’,

a Love for ‘The Lake!’

Aylen Lake, Ontario

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