deerpic2Nature & Wildlife section designed to showcase , the beauty that surrounds the Aylen Lake area.grousepic2

Providing good land & water stewardship, is vital to maintaining the natural beauty of the area.

moosepic2Here,  you will find photos of all things ‘Natural’; Some ofthe landscapes, and wildlife, that can be found at Aylen lake, and the surrounding area!

Animal articles, environmental news, curious videos, and other ‘Natural’, or ‘Un-Natural’ wonderments may be found in here… enjoy!

Please, Checkout: The sly ole’ fox, in this video… sure has some serious hunting skills!



I hope you and your family get out ‘n’enjoy, the out of doors today.

3pawvicky2013Please check our blog, for updates, of the 4 season paradise that is Aylen Lake, Ontario. Seasonally..of course.

Plus, a seasonal gallery of photos is offered…

magsunrise15 (640x396)Before you leave….

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Trolling for Lake Trout

Casting for Bass

Jigging thru the Ice

Back country fishing, the lil Lakes




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