boletemush2-640x480 Wow, what a show! A ‘Mushroom’ photographers’ paradise.mush13-640x480 The forest that surrounds ‘The Lake’, was chuck full of shrooms’, of all shapes ‘n’ sizes this year!

Here’s a sampling of some of the ‘shroom’ photos, I took during some hikes, at mush15-640x480coralfungi4-640x480

This year, more than years past, seemed to produce a bumper crop. Strange?, I would’ve thought the considerably dry, hot summer we had, would have spoiled the display. I enjoyed this particular photo collecting trip. Every shroom is unique!, and like flowers only bloom for a short time.

birchgrown1-640x480Whether edible, poisonous, or just a wild mushroom. I find these little critters are a great photographic subject. My hike sort of became a game of hide’n’seek!madmush3-640x480 The varying types, and colours, just as fall begins……And; It all came together, at the time of the harvest moon! Whoa?

As the colours start to change, frosty nights approach, and the fall of leaves carpets the forest floor.  madmush9-640x480These mushrooms will soon be disappearing, but for now they are abundant, throughout the area, that surrounds beautiful Aylen lake. ithasbegun2016-640x480

Enjoy the ‘Autumn Season’ everyone, it has begun!…

Thank you, for your interest.

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