Dried ‘Chaga’ makes an excellent Tea hot or cold, that’s ‘Forest’ full of goodness!



Chaga’ foraged locally from the beautiful white birch that abound in the South Algonquin area!


In Summertime: A glass of ‘Chaga’ Iced Tea! Is a nutritional glass of thrist quenching goodness!



In Winter: A hot cup of ‘Chaga’ with a little local honey, is sure to keep you feeling good! Loaded with antioxidants the ‘Chaga’ gives a great boost to your overall wellness.

Please, contact us for inquires, regarding the items depicted: 8oz. ‘Chaga’ grind,  & chunks. Plus, a “Chaga’ tincture extract are all available here. For your sipping, soothing, all ‘Natural’ enjoyment!

How about replacing your morning coffee on the dock this Summer?..  & Brew up a sip of All Natural Goodness!

‘Chaga’ — Pieces & Powder:

  • 8oz. Chaga in a Jar! — $35.00        (4 storage/pcs.& powder)
  • 8oz. Chaga in a Bag!— $25.00        (4 refills/pcs.& powder)
  • Chaga & Teas (bulk) —$40.00 lb.  (chunk/pcs.) min.5lb order
  • Chaga Tincture also available, please inquire/contact us(below)

IMG00651-20140810-1309 (480x360)The ‘Chaga’ is typically found in the birch forests of Russia, Eastern and Northern Europe and Korea. It is also found in North Carolina in the US and in Canada. Chaga is an extremely important anti-oxidant, which is also known for its anti-cancer, anti- inflammatory, anti-ulcer and pain relieving properties. This is however, just the tip of the iceberg. There are plenty of ways in which Chaga is known to alleviate the symptoms of many diseases and help people live a better and healthier life.

vidcam1 229 (640x480)Oxygen radicals are everywhere because we live in an atmosphere that contains oxygen. Oxidation stress, therefore, is unavoidable – it is a consequence of living. There is an increasing body of evidence that oxidative stress is linked to many diseases such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, neurological disorders (ex. Parkinson’s disease), cataracts, and arthritis. One of our strongest defences is to eat foods containing natural antioxidants. The FDA has also stated that a person should up their levels of antioxidants to over 7000 ORAC value per day to help prevent cell damage, anti-aging, cancer and other diseases.chaga oraccomparison-table


The ‘Chaga’, contains one of the highest antioxidant levels of any plant found on earth. It is off the charts on the ORAC scale. ORAC stand for Oxygen Radical Absorbency Capacity. Chaga is one of the most powerful antioxidants ever discovered. There are only a handful at best of natural substances found on God’s green Earth that contain that kind of power. Chaga absorbs the Birch tree’s power and transfers this power to humans who consume it. Chaga is a strong Adaptagen, which means that heavy stress levels are handled with more clam, ease and mental clarity. In Japan, Chaga is called, and appropriately so, the “Diamond of the Forest”

Interested?  Please, contact us!

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