A loons' return 2014

*When you return to the lake, rest easy and enjoy the lake!… with no uncomfortable surprises!

  Our ‘Seasonal Services’ offer a variety of services, for the property owner located in the Aylen lake area, and the surrounding community. ‘Dock systems’ insert & removals, ‘Interior/Exteriors’ setups & takedowns, Mouse & Rodent control services, Plumbing system setups & draining, plus more…

We also offer: A 4-Season ‘Watch’ program, designed around your requests!

As insurance companies, have varying requirements, we design a program, to fit your personal needs, and that of your insurance company’s.

We can report on storm damages, roof snow loads, animal infestations, and other signs of unwelcome activity, plus more…bearlooking Quick e-mail view

The ‘new Digital world’ coming to cottage country, enables us to create customized property programs. Using up-to-date technologies, such as camera systems with computer & satellite links, to simple documented & photographed, property visitations of your request.

Road report Quick e-mail viewLet us…take the worries away, while your away!

Remember, We can also assist, or refer: with ‘Firewood’ deliverysupply, private ‘Road’ maintenances, & storm damage reporting. 

Plus , putting the ‘Dock systems’ in & out, ‘Plumbing systems’ primed & drained, plus other ‘Seasonal’ – cottage maintenances, to Aylen lake, & the surrounding area. When you need a ‘Cottage Care-taker’ please contact us. We are located on ‘The Lake’, Aylen Lake, Ontario.

For more info, please contact us:

And, before you leave this page…

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What is your favorite season on Aylen lake?

Spring; Fishing, Wild Flowers, etc

Fall; Hunting, Colours, etc

Winter; Ice Fishing, Snowmobiling, etc

Summer; Water Sports, Lake Fun, etc



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