Loonpi’Lakeside Services’ designed to satisfy the waterfront living needs, of the Aylen Lake residents, and local community.

Waterfront Projects & Ideas, Dock Sales, Seasonal Services, Cottage Rentals, Cottage Care & Consulting, Rural lands Management, & much more…

The environment is constantly changing, and the construction industry, is too. Ever- changing ‘Regulations’, Eco-friendlier products, Renewable Energy ideas and more, can all influence, how we choose to build, and enjoy our lakefront properties.

Our, ‘Lakeside Services’ can assist with consultations, design, & construction methodologies, plus other services too, like ( local-subtrade) recommendations, or referrals.


Helping… ‘Build Ideas for Lakeside Living’,… on beautiful Aylen Lake!

Do you have an Idea?

Please, contact us ..!

1stloon2016 (640x480)Please Note: All postings here, are created … out of interest, or concern for the area of Aylen lake, Ontario., and the surrounding community . I have family heritage, and a love & commitment to this area, I call home! I take pride in advocating for issues of importance regarding  ‘The Lake’ and the community.

I hope to entertain, inform, and maybe provide some dockside reading enjoyment with the posts. An informative forum, for communicating within the Community.magsunrise15 (640x396)

Welcome to ‘My world!’, a Love for ‘The Lake!’

Aylen lake, Ontario.


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Aylen Lake

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