Planning a ‘Vacation’? Or, need some ‘Overnite’ accommodation?

Looking for a ‘Lakeside’ – Cottage Rental? Love the outdoors, clean water fun, and some absolutely, spectacular views! Aylen lake, Ontario offers all this, and much more!

The ‘Cottage Rentals’ post here, depict’s a couple of opportunities for cottage rental, on ‘Beautiful’- Aylen Lake, Ont. This cottage at the right we called ‘The Boathouse’.

For bookings’, & further details of ‘The Boathouse’, please follow/link:

Most cottages on Aylen lake, are available for rental, during the summer months, from June to October. We also have some private, unadvertised rentals, available on some selective dates. Just email us your request. We can also try an assist with family ‘Special Event’ accommodations’, here on the lake. ‘The Lake’ is gorgeous, has some beautiful landscapes, and provides some colourful sunrise/sunset views!

…Should you wish to advertise a vacation cabin here, or on the ‘Cottage Rentals’ page, please contact us (below): Please provide a cottage moniker, & details with your query.  The cottage at left, we called ‘The Pine Oasis’.

For bookings’, & further details on ‘The Pine Oasis’, please follow/link:

Thank you for your interest. Have a Happy Vacay, a Holiday, or Overnite-stay, on ‘The Lake’, today!

Before you leave, please participate in our poll;

What is your favorite BBQ dish, at the cottage?






Thanx, Have a great day!


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