As life go’s on! Do you find yourself,… Just Paddling Thru!

A ‘Paddle’, can smoothly propel a canoe, thru the water. Yes, but have you ever considered; “What’s propelled us, to get to where we are ‘On the Water’, today?” How many variations are there today, of the original Paddle?

Historically: Only, a lil’ more than a century ago, ‘Water travel’ was pretty much dependant on … ‘Just Paddling Thru’. Paddles, have always been the original propulsion device, in water travel. As the ‘Paddle’ evolved, they have been used for the big water wheels on steamships’,  to the lil’ pedal boats of today.

Power generation, Grist mills, and others, also took advantage of the Paddles’ design/concept. Along the way, the propeller was then developed. In which, the prop fins are representative, of the paddle.

 Nowadays, Paddles’ come in all shapes n sizes… and that’s just Canoeing paddles. Kayaks’, Paddleboards’, Dinghy’s and more. These, all have their own paddles, customized for their specific vehicles.

Here’s some other use’s of canoe paddles, that I’ve discovered: Being a contractor I’ve used one as a fiberglas insulation poker stick, for the laying of the attic installation batts. It worked great! For Sailing, my dad customized a paddle to use as a “Jib pole”(and on Aylen lake,when the wind dies, which it does! Then, it’s normal use, comes in handy!), also,.. As a Stick- ball ‘Bat’ (that, worked well, kinda like a softball version of ‘Cricket’. In fact; I think we named the game “Cottage Cricket”). Plus, some other recycled uses of ; ‘Ye olde canoe paddle’.

 Pizza paddles, a crossing guard’s ‘Stop’ sign paddle, and Ping pong paddles, are all evolved variations of the original. The paddle has definitely been a simple, but great invention.

Recycling of Paddles, too! Coat racks, Cottage chairs, Wall lamps, Souveniers, and more. For the crafters’ and artisans’, the Canoe paddle has been used for variety of crafty ideas.

Paddle Signs’; As a Name, or moniker sign for Homesteads’, Cottages’, and Retreats. Or, as an advertisement for Businesses,….  Throughout ‘Cottage Country’, a ‘Paddle sign, can always be found!  Some are gently used, and some not-so gently used, but they certainly are a lakeside tradition.

A quick ‘Paddle’ story: About twenty-five years ago. I went ‘White-water Rafting’, over on the Ottawa river. Before we even ventured onto the water. We were educated, at the shoreline, quite fervently, by our River guide. About the value of the camp supplied ‘Paddles’. About, how many they lose every season, and the necessity to keep hold of your paddle. Later, as we proceeded downstream,.. as we went thru some rapids, the guide kept hollering “Paddle, Paddle!”

Then, we came to the last and most feared section of all the rapids…. ‘The Coliseum’. It looked ominous! Before our raft ventured forth, our guide gave us a final tutorial. “When you hear me yell “Paddle, Paddle!”, then you paddle, and damn it, you paddle hard! and,… Should anything happen; Remember, to hold on to your paddle!” Will do!, I quickly responded, as we started toward the ravaging river!

Smiling from ear to ear, and a tingle running thru my veins. The guide yelling; “Paddle, Paddle!”  Oh, ‘the mighty Coliseum’ it was majestic!,… Then, it roared, and reared, and ‘Taco-ed’ our raft! All, in a matter of seconds.  Then, as I was tossed to the clutches of the mighty river…. my adrenaline, it soared! The undercurrent, it sucked me to the bottom for a few seconds, then shot me back to surface. I grabbed for a breath, and got sucked down again!… All I kept saying to myself was; “Swim damn it!, Swim! I can assure you, the ‘Paddle’ was the last thing on my mind. As, I made it to a rescue boat, & was retrieved from the water, and just catching my breath. The rescue guide asked; if I had my Paddle? My Paddle?!, Really?!, The Paddle!

A Paddle’, a Canoe’s best friend!, and so much more.

That concludes my,… ‘Paddle Babble!’

Please, enjoy a quiet Paddle on Aylen Lake soon,.. or anywhere your Paddle guides you!

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