An ATV trail? Nope. The snowmobile trail? Nope. This ‘Trail’, recounts the timeline, of an indecent proposal? Please, follow the trail to the end, and I think you’ll find… That we need to organize a Community Watch Program, to keep an eye over,.. our local politics. Please, watch your step! & Let the trail begin…

Being in the heart of Cottage Country, the timing of ‘Public’ meetings, consultations, & communications’ with the public, and property owners, is easy to figure out. For maximum exposure; the mid summer,.. last 2 weeks in July, and the first 2 weeks of August, have always been the most populated time of the year, for the whole area! The lakes, the resorts, the campgrounds, and the hamlets of Madawaska, and Whitney too!

So!,…on down the trail…  Why did the Townships’ representatives proceed, so rapidly, during the fall & winter time of the year, with the ‘Planning’ meetings, & decisions? The participation of the Aylen Lakers, and a ton of South Algonquin owners is basically ‘nil’, at this time of year.

 Pile #1: On December 22nd the Township sent out a ‘Notice’ of Passing of the Zoning bylaw. Which could happen, at the Jan.6th Council meeting. Seeing as how they were ‘Closed’ over the Christmas holidays, this gave about 4 business days notice, before the passing…

Mind your step!,.. Pile #2: ‘Public Notices’ were only advertised in the Bancroft newspaper! Which is not the goal of the Township’s, ‘Public Notice Policy’. In fact, the policy states they must advertise in 2 newspapers. One, of the two newspapers listed in their policy was; The Barry’s bay This Week (no longer in circulation, for several years now). Also mentioned in the policy; ‘This notice shall serve the broadest audience, as the topics may be of interest to the Township as a whole’. For, ‘Major Issues’. (minimum 21 days notice) Hmm!?…

Careful stepping!, again… Pile #3: How about the Public’s, questions ‘n’ queries? Was the council, or the towns’ staff , able to answer all the questions?, raised by the public, at the meetings?  (Answer: No) Most of the questions were referred to the M… Planning Group, right up until the December notice/posting. Why, ‘Pass’ such an important document, & many policies, into bylaw? When, they can’t decifer, or answer the public’s queries, regarding them! These, are our properties they are planning upon. After the poorly advertised meetings. After many of the publics’ questions, left unanswered. After being informed in writing, about these issues with passing the bylaw. They proceeded …

Wow!,.. well, now things start to pile up!,.. Pile #4: In February, what happens? On, Feb. 2nd, the Council decides, on ‘Training’ the municipal staff, with regards to ‘Planning and Zoning’. Only, 2 council meetings, after they passed the Bylaw. Then, they decide the staff needs to be trained? This, should have happened long ago. Let’s remember that the Official plan, it’s policies & the accompanying Zoning bylaw, was initiated in 2008′. Almost, a ‘decade’ to train the towns’ staff, and the Council members, as well. Plus, inform ‘n’ educate the Public, too!

Watch out, now!,… Pile #5: On, into March, and the township is now preparing for a couple of ‘Appeals’, regarding the Passing of the Zoning Bylaw. Imagine. This means, the council is budgeting/preparing for the Planners, & Lawyers to represent the Township. Paid for, with what $$$?… Fund$, that are then exported out of the South Algonquin community. For an outsider to decide upon,… our council’s decision, regarding ‘Our’ Community!?

Plus, more importantly, the unnecessary waste of;  A couple, of ‘Our Neighbor’s’, time ‘n’ resource$ to appeal, & represent themselves, at the municipal board. All of this, derived from a hasty decision passed by the council. Oh my! Well, I’m not sure that the lawyers’ are necessary, just yet?,.. Perhaps, that’s just a tactic by council, to mention this? Let’s remember folks, it was only just Jan. 2017′, they passed the Bylaw! and… Right away, 2 appeals! … Not a good start to our future ‘Planning’ document, or a preferred use of tax dollar$.

And another?,.. Pile #6: Should you wish to Appeal, or apply for a Variance? The Cheque is made out to the Minister of Finance (provincially). So, the provincial coffers get a little. The municipal council runs up an administration & legal fees-tab, plus some ‘Unplanned?’ educational expenses. All the while,… The property owners, of South Algonquin are left feeling confused, jilted, & concerned about their properties, and the beautiful lands that surround them! Which is totally, understandable!

‘Planning’ is required for many reasons, to benefit a community. But this?,… This, is a ‘planned’ administrative – boondoggle?,… it doesn’t seem to be benefitting ‘Our Community’ yet? It does however, leave one to question; What’s Up?

In Conclusion: If you were able follow the trail, and navigate the piles. Maybe, had some indecent thoughts along the way? You are not alone. What do you think about the timing?,… Intentional? Please, take some time out of your day, for Aylen Lake!, & for South Algonquin. Please, contact the town office, and ask them,.. Why? Or,… start some dock talk this Spring, maybe a conversation on social media.

If you feel the issues are piling up, here?  Let’s unite ‘The Lake’s property owners. Then inform, both the township & the province, of our concerns. ‘The Trail’ (above), is just another example of the discriminatory manner in which the township, ‘Cares’ for the Aylen Lake community. The depleting Services. The standards, of service’. The knee-jerk decision making, and the lil’, if any?,… Up-to-date Communications!, with Aylen Lakers’.

Come On!,… To quote: Jack Nicholson as the joker, in the Batman movie,.. “This town needs, an Enema!”

Please, ‘like’ us on Facebook, and show you support our Updates!,… there’s more to come.

…And, for the Aylen Lake Community, please participate in our poll:

How should the Aylen lake community, deal with the Township relationship, into the future?

Keep calm and carry on! Everythings\' fine

Contact the Province, the Ombudsman? I have concerns

Pursue De-Amalgamation?, sounds good to me

Any options, but the Status Quo! enough already

Thank you

Please Note: The dates, for the Public Meeting’s, regarding the Townships Planning, & Zoning Bylaw listed below:

In 2008, the Official plan was initiated … Here is 2016/17′  Planning meetings/schedule:

  • February 25th/16′ 2017 – A Seniors’ Planning Mtg. 
  • June ??/16′- Strategic Planning Mtg., Madawaska
  • August 24th/16′- 1st Public meeting re: Zoning Bylaw/Draft #1-
  • October 6th/16′ – New CAO/Town Clerk appointed (w/training?)
  • October ??/16′ – 2nd Public meeting re: Draft #2 Whitney
  • November 3rd/16′ – ‘Strategic Plan’ passed into bylaw
  • December 6th/ 16′ – Statuatory Public/Planning Mtg.(1hr.20 min)
  • ?? Draft#3/Final copy presented?? Unknown
  • December 16th/16′- Public Notice posting of passing.. Jan.5th?
  • Township Offices/Closed for Holidays reopen Jan.3rd/17′
  • January 6th/17′ – Zoning Bylaw* passed at council meeting
  • January 19th/17′ – Notice of  passing*… received/advertised..
  • February 2nd/17′ – Training (staff/planning) announced
  • March 2nd/17′ –  (2)  Zoning Bylaw Appeals; announced

 **This News- just in: April 12th/17′ – Public Notice: Lyell (Madawaska)Waste Disposal Site Expansion Proposal/’Public’ Meeting/April 20th/17′ – 6;30pm at the Madawaska Complex,.. Oops, they did it again! (How much notice?) Oh my!

Info & References: — courtesy Township of South Algonquin; Council minutes, & documents: links here…

Jan.5/2017 – “Why the urgency to pass this so quickly, & quietly, in the middle of Winter when no one’s around? If Council and Staff cannot answer the public’s questions regarding the Zoning Bylaw, or the Official Plan, then they shouldn’t pass the legislation. Simple.” — courtesy a letter to council

Feb.2/2017 – The Operations Clerk has been in touch with the Ministry of Municipal Affairs regarding a planning and zoning training session. “BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Council for the Corporation of the Township of South Algonquin requests Planning and Zoning Training session from MMAH, Municipal Services North Office.”— courtesy TOSA minutes.

Mar. 2/2017 – “BE IT RESOLVED THAT That Council for the Corporation of the Township of South Algonquin direct staff to; submit the required …response to the two zoning bylaw appeals to the OMB, naming of the Planner …and if/when required, obtain the services of a lawyer. -Carried- —courtesy TOSA minutes.

Keeping you informed of What’s Up!, from Beautiful Aylen Lake, Ontario.

 New Posts, Coming very soon… De-Amalgamation, A Laker’s Plan, and more!,… Cottage Country News & Events here at …

Have a nice day,

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