JRBoothtimberloadThe Railway, JR Booth, …. And a ‘Rail Tale!’

The Canada Atlantic Railway between Ottawa and the international boundary near East Alburgh, Vermont, in the 1880s, was the conveyance of lumber and allied products from the valley of the Ottawa above our nation’s capital, to a direct connection with the railways of the eastern United States.

canatltrainadThe Canada Atlantic was the project of Ottawa’s lumber baron, John Rudolphus Booth, and its financing was principally through bonds owned by Booth and his family, rather than by the more normal channels of equity capital. Once his basic services were established and operating, Booth turned his attention westward to his extensive landholdings in the wilderness lying between Ottawa and Georgian Bay, which lay partly in what is now Algonquin Park.

Two known logging railways fed lumber to the CAR lines in the area between Madawaska and Whitney; one. the Egan Estates Railway (also known as the McCauley Central Railway), which was also owned by the Booth family, operated a line north for about 15 miles to Booth Lake and Shirley Lake. It connected with the O.A & P.S. at Egan Estates Junction, 4+miles west of Madawaska. canatltimetable1902

Another line the Whitney to Opeongo Railway, ran north from Whitney for 14 miles to Opeongo Lake. The Opeongo connection is now used as a wye by Canadian National Railways at Whitney, the present western terminus of the line.

Both logging railways were abandoned more than thirty years ago. These old lines, are now used for the Snowmobile and ATV trails. info:–courtesy  (www.exporail.org/can_rail)



Please, watch for more Aylen history in the upcoming pages, of the ‘Facts n Folklore’ section. ‘The Railroad’ was such an important part of settlement, in earlier times. The rail stories are abundant, and all have individual importance.madroundhousepic2 ‘The Roundhouse’ in Madawaska (pic here, but sadly no longer exists), ‘The Train Station’ in Barry’s bay, or the engine derail at/into Gun lake?. All a great part of our local area history. There will be more pages to follow; regarding these.bbay trainstationpic

We all have some great Aylen Lake memories, or stories! If you would like to share one of your memories of long ago, or some historical Lake lore!, in this forum. We’re interested ….

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Please Note: All postings here, are created … out of interest, or concern for the area of Aylen lake, Ontario., and the surrounding community . A descendant of the Dennison family, and early settlers to Aylen lake. I have family heritage, and a love & commitment to this area, I call home! I take pride in advocating for issues of importance regarding  ‘The Lake’ and the community. I hope to bring awareness to other residents, owners, and visitors of the News and the goings’ on, around ‘The Lake’ & in the local area.

I hope to entertain, inform, and maybe start some discussions & dock talk!.feb2016sunrise (640x480)

Welcome to ‘My world!’, a Love for ‘The Lake!’

Aylen lake, Ontario.

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