A collection of photos of the beautiful countryside surrounding ‘Aylen Lake!’

feb2016sunrise (640x480)Some pics here on the page, and the slider(at bottom of page)  has some wonderful pics’ too!

The landscapes’ of the area, have for a long time,  brought artist’s, forager’s, photographer’s, and other various Nature lover’s to the area, to enjoy them. What’s your favourite ; A rocky outcropping, a certain island, a long point, or a tiny inlet. Maybe, a hidden waterfall, a beautiful view, or mirrored water reflection, our Lakes’ locale offers some spectacular photographic opportunities. moonshadow

A short paddle, or a quick hike uphill, could get you the perfect pic?!!

A return trip, to Aylen Lake recoups the body and mind. It stirs’ the soul, and that first big, ‘deep breath’ when you arrive; start’s to stir the memories, of visit’s past.  The sunrise’s, the sunset’s, seen. The rugged terrain of the ‘Canadian shield’, edging on the Ottawa Valley. It is, a really special place to be.

Please enjoy my sampling, of the much bigger picture.

Comments and suggestions are welcome. If you have a  favorite ‘Landscape’ on Aylen Lake?, or perhaps wish for some ‘Property’ pics?, or maybe you’d wish for some ‘Seasonal’ shots?

Please contact us, for further details. Photographing ‘The Lake’ is awesome!

Thanks for your interest, and…

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Thanx again, & Have a Great Day!

Please enjoy a great Canadian!, singing a great Canadian Tune! Canada loves you Gord!, and Thanks’, for Everything you’ve given Canada.


Happy 150th, Canada! 2017


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