firerangerscabin2 001 (395x640)A “Fire Ranger” lived here!

The Fire Rangers’ cabin: Once, located on the north-eastern Point, adjacent to the Lil’ Island, in Dennison Bay, on Aylen lake. (pic courtesy Eileen, circa 1900’s???)

A young Campers story: One day, me and my family went camping. We decided to go camping on the Fire Rangers point. During our weekend camp, we all went for a walk in the woods exploring. Where we found the bricks of the old Fire rangers’ cabin! It was a cool discovery! (story courtesy Eileen’s Great Grandson, 2014) Another, Aylen Lake Adventurer!

amirrormorn (640x480)A favorite camping location for sure. Seeing the remains of the cabins’ foundation, stirs the imagination! The foundation is still there, today!, sort of..? To a first time explorer, it asks: What was here? When was it built? & What happened to it?

The ‘Fire Ranger’s Cabin,  well, its’ demise, has had several Tales’ told about it. Coincidentally, ‘Fire’, ‘Explosion’, or both, appear to be the cause of its disappearance, how Ironic! firerangerspoint1 (640x480)

Whether by some dynamite, carefully placed, Or a woodstove/chimney accident, while the cabin was left unattended? Or an oil lamp, knocked over by some uninvited animals? Or,..I Luv this one: ‘the alcohol cocktail’….really?, tossed from a not so-friendly boat!  All of these; Tales?, ask the question:  Why this kind of Ending?

camping (640x480)Whether it was; intentional,  or accidental? These make great campfire stories. Add in, a ‘Wolf howl’ here n there, and you’re sure to keep the kids’ attention for a few minutes, anyways.

Today, this area is home to the aptly named: ‘Fire Rangers’ Beach– A beautiful stretch of sandy beach, and home to ‘The Lakes’ annual Regatta!  firerangersbeach1 (640x480)

‘The Fire Rangers’ Point – The point has a nice campground area, located nearest to the inland. The a fore mentioned, Fire Rangers Cabin foundation, still remains, just a quick walk from there.

Also, the trail connection to O’neill lake, and access to Algonquin park, is located here . The trails at Fire Rangers’ beach; one goes up the mountain for some great scenic views, and the other back to O’neill Lake. These, were actually the original patrol trails, for the fire rangers. A fire tower was once atop Ole’ Baldy mountain, and another tower located back beyond Rabbitaille Lake, in Algonquin Park.vidcam1 231 (640x480)

Get out an explore ‘The Lake’, Everyone!

Some of Aylen Lake’s greatest stories, are hidden by the forest cover, of the lakes’ out-lying regions. It holds some secrets, most explorers can still uncover.

Can you add some historical reference, to this page? Or have another Tale of Aylens’ past, to share. The facts and folklore area of the website would love to hear from you. Please contact us.(below)


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Enjoy , ‘The Lake’ Aylen Lake, Ontario,greatpic (640x480)

I think its the greatest place on Earth!

*Please, check back soon. Like, a good Fish Story,… this area is always getting bigger!

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