Could Aylen Lakers, actually… Appeal ‘n’ Replace?,… Amalgamation?

If, it’s possible?,.. Should we?,..  De-Amalgamate!

Since Amalgamation, the Township of South Algonquin, has benefitted from our council representatives. Kind a, like a Brain-drain from ‘The Lake’. Each representative we’ve had from Aylen Lake, has brought some unique skillset, to the role. The township benefits’, in several ways. Yet, ‘The Lake’, it see’s very little, in return. Our rep’s are used, but the ‘Unbalanced Representation’ at the council table, means their vote rarely ever matters. This can no longer be acceptable. The neglected state of Aylen lake’s ‘Public’ Area’s, the municipality’s Standards , and the reduction of Services, to the lake. Any one of these, are reason enough to investigate the possibility?

“Lost representation means less democracy. A single ineffectual representative at the council table is no longer capable of serving us. He/she is simply outnumbered by the urban councillors” Courtesy—

A ‘Fraser Institute’ report indicates that it is possible to De-amalgamate. The report explains; some of the responsibilities & considerations, of de-amalgamating. It provides examples’ of cities like Montreal, Que., and Headingley, Man. Now, all over Ontario the idea is being brought forward. Toronto, Peterborough, Mississauga, Etobicoke, Kawartha Lakes, Goderich, Meaford, and the Town of Essex, have all acted upon their interest.

Locally, just this month; A delegation of Combermere & Kaminiskeg Lake property owners, approached the Madawaska Valley (MV) Township,… about looking to move the boundaries. So, they could then move out of Hastings Highlands Township, and then join in with; the MV Township. Maybe, this could be an option, for Aylen Lake too?, or would it just be more of the same, just under a different name?

“It is one of those things, when there is only a couple of groups or municipalities in the province looking at it,” said W… “If every municipality was coming to the government to address it, then… Courtesy—Owen sound Sun

For a small community, like Aylen’s, the property owners, and representatives of Aylen lake, would have to be united in this decision. As friends and neighbors, could we all agree on this solution?  We would require the signatures of a large majority of owners. Perhaps, all of em’!,… And we must be patient, n’ realize that the process will take time.

I have the confidence, ‘The Lake’ could De-Amalgamate. As for putting together a Team? I think ‘The Lake!’ could assemble quite a formidable organization. Aylen Lake has a wide variety of talented, people on the lake. Representatives from the law society, health services, financial sectors, policing & militia, engineering and construction, administration & business, educational & service fields, plus many, more. With, a talent pool so deep, we could definitely do this. Perhaps, it’s time we focus our efforts towards organizing this. Let’s assemble our resources, engage our community members. Let’s make a commitment to ‘The Lake’. Beautiful, pristine  ‘Aylen Lake’.

In November of 2014 a petition that was signed by 60-70% of Goderich Township residents asking to de-amalgamate was presented to the attorney general at Queen’s Park. The Petition of Right is an Imperial Statute that is part of the Canadian Constitution. Courtesy—Blackburn

De- Amalgamation is certainly intriguing? The mere mention of the word, perks peoples interest. I’ve already spoken to many cottagers, intrigued by the opportunity. There are many questions?, Big questions! Which, can’t be answered in just one post. Queries, like: Who would handle; The Administration & Taxation for the lake? How would the Services to the lake be delivered? Can we actually get more?, for less?

Here’s, a question: If say, the Aylen lake community properties, contribute over a third of the taxes to South Algonquin Township?,… Is the Lake community responsible for a third of any Debts?, or better yet,… Is the Lake community entitled to a third of the townships’ Assets, upon departure? Just saying!!… What has ‘The Lake’ area, received? vs. contributed?, since Amalgamation! Going forward, with De-amalgamating. The Aylen lake community would require some equipment.(roads, fire, office, etc…) So,… It’s a fair question?

Curious, Aylen laker’s want to know more? How about you? Start asking questions. Please, investigate a lil’ yourselves.

“There are significant costs to de-amalgamation, there is no guarantee a municipal government would be any more efficient after de-amalgamation than before and, finally, there is no guarantee there would be community consensus to move forward with such a plan. Provincial governments have the ability to amalgamate municipalities and, therefore, also have the ability to separate them.” Courtesy— Waterloo Region Record

 De-amalgamating will require a Plan. Coming soon.. ‘A Lakers Plan!’ An optimistic, idea filled Plan. For the administration, & services required for Aylen Lake. A plan to; at a minimum, replace the status quo! Hopefully, it will enhance the services & standards we’re currently receiving, to the Aylen lake area. A plan that commits the tax contributions, grants arranged, and monies collected from the Aylen Lake area,… are utilized back into the Aylen Lake area. Please, watch for the post: ‘A Lakers Plan!’,…  Utopian?, maybe?,… Politically Incorrect?, maybe?,… or maybe, just Logically Realistic! 

Please,…  If you too, can add some information on this subject? Real News, and Comments, are always welcome. Aylen Lakers’, Let’s bring our ideas together, and formulate a plan, to make the Aylen Lake community better, together!

Please, participate in our poll:

How would U vote? To De-Amalgamate Aylen Lake from the Township?

Aylen Lakers only, please!

Yes, The Lake deserves better, We can do better

Pursue other options, Like joining with another Township

No, Keep the Status Quo

Thank you,

To contact us… Please comment, or leave a message below.

Have a great day! Eh!

Happy 150th Canada!


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