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Well, here’s some;  Real, wild, all-natural, nutritional News!?…


Folks, look no further… This is ’Chaga’!, it’s a type of mushroom, found on the white ‘Birch’ trees. Sustainably, harvested from the wilderness, of the Algonquin park area!

ChagakongThis particular piece, weighed over twenty pounds and was discovered locally, in the area. Chaga, requires a certain number of degree/days below zero, annually, to stimulate it’s growth. Thus, the Canadian climate, and other colder climate regions are where the Chaga can be found.

The Chaga has been studied in Russia, Chinese and Australian cultures, since the 1960’s.  Natives’ too, have for a long, long time recognized, its medicinal values. The Chaga is classified as a mushroom, and is loaded with antioxidants! Also, the Chaga is qualified as safe for consumption as a food by the US Food & Drug Association. Google it, folks!, this stuff is loaded with plenty of good healthy benefits, and nutrition.


After drying & sterilization, the Chaga can be ingested in its powder state, or brewed into a Tea! (my preference)… ‘The Tea’ tastes surprisingly, very mild, with a slight, earthy flavour.  Whether as an ‘Iced Tea’ in summer, or a ‘Hot Tea’ during the winter. Add a little lemon ‘n’ honey, and Wow! It’s a pleasant sip of goodness from Mother Nature.

 It can also can be made into a Tincture, in order to benefit from some of the other properties & nutrients found in the Chaga. The Tincture drops can then be added to a beverage for consumption. Our ‘Chaga’ is sold in powders, pieces, tincture, and bulk form. All of our Chaga is wild, & has been sustainably harvested, locally. Please contact us, for further details…. (see:below)chaga2

The White Birch can provide many great natural products. The ‘Chaga’ is like a precious jewel, and a great find!

How about replacing your morning coffee on the dock this Summer?..  & Brew up a sip of All Natural Goodness!

‘Chaga’ — Pieces & Powder:

  • 8oz. Chaga in a Jar! — $35.00        (4 storage/pcs.& powder)
  • 8oz. Chaga in a Bag!— $25.00        (refill/pcs.& powder)
  • Chaga & Teas (bulk) —$40.00 lb.  (chunk/pcs.) min.5lb order
  • Chaga Tincture is also available, please inquire..

 Please Note; All prices shown in Canadian funds. Shipping fees and applicable taxes, will also apply/pending order destination.

‘Wild Chaga’, is in limited supply. My searches have yielded maybe; ‘A’ Chaga piece for every fifty or so trees, that I inspect. Let’s all, respect the ‘Chaga’. Like the Environment, our ‘Chaga’ inventory, is constantly changing. As, the ‘White Birch’s growth cycle in the forest, begins to disappear, so will the Chaga.

For ordering, and info, regarding our ‘Chaga Products’,  please contact us:

‘Chaga’ Item availability, will be confirmed at the time of order.

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2017′- Happy 150th! Canada!



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