Ah, Yes! Spring has arrived! And….So, too have the pot holes, the buried logs, and the washed out culverts!, all along the Aylen Lake Road. Every Spring, it’s the same damn thing! It’s quickly becoming an ‘Annual Event!’ Watching to see; Which, of the problem area’s, will get repaired?, & which, will get pushed down the road? and,.. What kind of band aid, pylon solution, will the Township be utilizing this year?

All due, in part:  To the overflow from the thaw, blocked culverts, and ‘filled in’ ditches.  There are sink holes, at some culverts. Culverts’, that our Works dept. just replaced!, last year maybe? This is probably caused from too much air, left in the soil. Perhaps, these should’ve been tamped or/rolled, and also had some rip/rap, added to the culvert’s entry/exits, to avoid this.  Heck, one of the culverts’, has already been crunched by the snow-plow?! While other culverts, throughout the Roads’ system, still need replacing!,… and still others’ require gravel added, to the top cover over them.

In recent, Roads & Budget news: Works Superintendent, discussed… An engineered drawing of Alyen? (spelling?, Oh my!) Lake Road would be necessary to proceed with the reconstruction project? efficiently. (Efficiently? Oh my!)

The township will continue to work on improving drainage with ditching this year, as well as a possible increase in grader time spent improving the quality of the existing road.  The ditching.. ??? Oh please!!! Every where they have ditched, or replaced a culvert, in the last couple years. These are some the worst areas!, of our road system. Certain sections of the road, are becoming a year over year/perennial expense to repair them. Like ‘Log corner’, ‘Washout way’, or ‘Sheilds bump’…

Their ‘Ditching’ methods, make no sense? They scoop the gravel n dirt, out of the ditch,.. then place it uphill, of the ditch? Only, to have it wash back down, and fill up again! Is it a repair project?, Or,… A make work project!

 Now this lil’ tidbit,… Works Superintendent, discussed replacement of a township truck. He explained, the township could draw from reserves by council resolution to cover the financing requirements. Courtesy—ToSA minutes

 Now, please allow me to rant a lil’, here! Our Township might not have to replace the equipment, if they quit ‘Whacking Stuff?’ with it.  Trees, Guardrails, Signs, and Culverts! All recent victims, of the Townships’ equipment!


 If playing Whack-em-All!, with township equipment isn’t enough!, Why is the Works Superintendent, telling our Council how to purchase?, or utilize, the Townships’ Reserve fund$?

Here’s an Idea!,… Stick to the Works dept. job tasked!,… Looking after the roads!, and maintaining the equipment!

Then,… ‘Widen’ the roads, and remove the trees!, as necessary, to meet the Township of South Algonquin’s, ‘Level of Service’ Policy (5m+/for plowing purpose).  A Policy, by the way, that the current ‘Works Superintendent’ & former CAO, just ‘Revised’, August 18/2016‘.

‘Revised’? I’m not sure what was revised? Once again,.. was any attention paid to the Aylen lake section?, when reviewing the Policy. Here’s what I found… The speed limits shown, for the Aylen lake area roads are all listed at 80kmh. Some of the roads aren’t even listed? Yet, all the road signs, clearly identify  60 km/h. Just an oversight, maybe? But the remainder of the township are all listed at 40, 60, 80 kmh accordingly, pending their class. Please check for yourself, a link is provided below.

In other investigative, Aylen road reporting news….

ONTARIO REGULATION 239/02 minimum maintenance standards for municipal highways  (2) For the purposes of this Regulation, every highway under the jurisdiction of a municipality in Ontario is classified in the Table to this section as a Class 1, Class 2,.. up to Class 6 highway, based on the speed limit applicable to it and the average annual daily traffic on it.  O. Reg. 239/02, s. 1 (2).

Following this Reg.(239/02), it would appear the classifying of Aylens’ roads, may have been done incorrectly. In the townships’ Policy; The North Aylen Lake Road is listed as a class 5, while Gaffney Road, & Moonlight Bay are shown to be a Class 4. Yet, the North Aylen Lake Road, see’s probably 10 times the traffic volume. Easily!…  During the winter months alone, there are now year round residents, at Sheilds, Bare Rock, Chapel, and Dennison Bay Lanes. Plus, Winter time – weekenders’, and Ice fisherman using the Old Farm rd, Ferndale, and Crooked Lanes. What’s Up? Was it easier, to down class the road, than increase the standards? Hmm?

Let’s remember this Policy, was just ‘Revised’?, last August 18/2016. The new CAO may be excused here, but what about the attention to details? Where does it leave Aylen lake?… All, the attempts’ at improvements’, on the Road?, somehow worse after they fix them!’,… Managements’ review of documents?, somehow more confusing, after they revise them! We’ve obviously got a long road to hoe!,.. When it comes getting maintenance, or improvements, for our roads.

Township staff will continue to pursue the OCIF grant money available. It was requested that financing options be investigated as a plan to move forward develops.  and still, the beat goes on…

Ah, Yes!, Spring is Here! and so are the annual road issues. Our vehicles are stressed, and the driver’s too! We need our ‘Road Doctor’ back!, Please, Come soon, Mr. Grader Driver! You’re the best! Eh!  A gifted gentleman, with some serious skills for grading!, and our favorite sanitary disposal driver.

 The Guy!, responsible for the fine shape of our roads after grading. He does a lot, with what he’s got. Its’ managements’ responsibility to get him the gravel, & materials, to work with. You could kinda, call him a ‘Master Grader?!’, but I wouldn’t. He’s a Magician! and,… the Aylen Lakers’ appreciate all your efforts!  Thank you, Fl..yd!

 In Other; Township of South Algonquin, Budget 17′ News: It was proposed that there be a 1.5% increase in the property tax levy to fund municipal programs and services which would be marginally reduced by a decrease in school tax.

And,… Maybe?, to help pay for new equipment?

In Conclusion: Some cottagers would like to see the Aylen Lake Road,  ‘Paved”?, at some point. Before that ever happens,…Someone, is going to have to put on their ‘Big Boy Pants’, and take ‘Responsibility’ for the current state, of the Aylen Lake Roads. Repairs, improvements, and maintenance are all needed immediately, for the long term health of our road. Safety, should be a priority for our road system.

 Buying ‘New’ Equipment?, and…  telling council, to use the Township’s ‘Reserve’ funds, for financing?, Really?… How much new equipment is enough? The township just purchased a new grader, a couple years ago!… A grader costs how much now? Wow! 

How much Gravel? How many Culverts, Guardrails, and Signs?,…  could the Aylen road system receive? (or replace?), for the cost of replacing the townships’ equipment? Meanwhile,… the last real ‘Service’, provided to Aylen Lake by the Township, is just…  ‘Eroding away!’

I’m just, having my say!, and keeping the world up-to-date! On ‘what’s happening’, at ‘The Lake!’ Beautiful,.. Aylen Lake.

Thank you for your interest, and reading .


To update, the Township posted this tender Aug.09th/2017:


For the Purchase of ONE NEW TANDEM TRUCK and PLOW UNIT

Tender Number SA2017-06 Sealed Tenders will be received until Wednesday, August 23, 2017 at 3:30 p.m

Further Information and tender documents may be obtained on our website at www.southalgonquin.ca or by contacting: Works Superintendent, Township of South Algonquin

Oh My!!!

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Regarding clearance; All class 4 and class 5 highways shall be cleared to a width of (5)meters, and to a distance of (0.6)meters inside the outer edges of the roadway. Courtesy— ‘Level of Service’ Policy, ToSA 

Other: Courtesy— ToSA Roads/Committee minutes


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