servpic1Sign, Sign, everywhere a Sign!.. Do this, Don’t do that, Can you read the Signs!

These words, were written into song, almost fifty years ago. What exactly is our fascination with signs, and their use. Whether used as an Advertising tool, or a Safety notification. The use of signage, is still a great tool for communicating with one another. Careless use of ‘Signage’ however, can lead to unsafe conditions..

To the residents, visitors, & friends of Aylen lake, please drive the road carefully. your next trip to ‘The Lake’, and be aware. Please, check out the most recent ‘STOP” sign placement (3 pics) at the Aylen dam intersection.

Now I wonder how long that sign, will remain there?, … and How will it get removed?

The last few years’ has seen a great increase in the number of signs located along Aylens’ roads. Most provided by our township, for ‘Safety’, ‘Addressing’, and ‘Services’ information. Coincidentally, our Services have been reduced, our civic Addresses are still not registered, and Safety, well ..?? Please, read on.

After the placement of this ‘STOP’ sign,… I, for one, certainly question the logic for its location? Surely, there are provincial standards for Signage, and their placement. I know there are regulations regarding signs, within the building industry(OBC). This, ‘STOP Sign’ placement is, in my opinion: Confusing, poorly identified (ie: no “New”posting sign), and is a bigger safety hazard, than it makes the intersection safer. The solution: could be, to make it a 3-way STOP! & Put up the appropriate Signage, to identify it, at the intersection, and in advance of it, from all 3 directions. Let’s remember folks, the same authorities are currently redesigning & planning our public dock, launch, & parking areas.

Here’s a few of the other, various sign$, our quaint country road, has had posted within the last couple years… .

mayjunepics 083 (640x480)aylensigns3 (640x480)noticebinspic2015 (640x480)

1styearsigns tosaaylensigns4Maybe just, One, nice, big, Community Bulletin Board sign, could replace some of these!?!

Oh yeah!, in other ‘Road update’ news: The grader was in to grade the Aylen road. (Nov.17-18/2015)  At the time, the new ‘STOP’ sign was installed.

The ‘Driver’ of the grader did an ‘Very good job’ widening & shaping the main road. and deserves the applicable credit for this. It really drives nice, and is greatly appreciated. The other main access roads however, were only ‘spot graded’ at best, and still require much attention, with crowning issues, sloping, widening, and several safety concerns, to mention.

Please drive carefully this winter folks! Follow the Sign$, and be aware.









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2 Responses to Aylen Road Update

  1. Steve Aleck says:

    Lol. My prediction is the new stop sign will remain untill the first time a vehicle pulling a boat meets another on that corner, unless an atv gets it first. Either way, I see a lawsuit in the future……

    • Brad Lisk says:

      When they start logging again(I’ve heard rumors)The first log truck through will mow that sign down like it was’nt even there

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