‘The Fire Meter’ 

For Aylen Lake, Ontario is posted here. along with other associated Fire contact #’s.

Please, Burn Responsibly!… Our ‘Forests’, are a cherished resource, in decline.

  (Picture): For reference only, revised as Fire Burning’ conditions change. Always check with the local ‘Fire’ authorities, for up to date burning permissions.

Also, please note: The sign is removed during ‘Winter months’, for road maintenance/plowing purposes, and is reset in early Spring.

For Emergency, Please call 911′, from a landline only! ‘Cellular’ users please supply concession addresses, GPS coordinates, and any other valuable locating information to the ‘Emergency Operator’.

‘Forest Fire’ info & map, please follow: https://www.ontario.ca/page/forest-fires

  • For information on local ‘Burning Regulations’?, Permits?, etc…  Please contact: Your Townships’ Fire Marshall, and/or in our case; the Township of South Algonquin.coolmirror2

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