Aylen Lake,  Water updates… Aylen Lake 2 Quick e-mail view This is a reporting page, of the levels and conditions of Aylen Lake, Ontario, and is volunteered for informational purposes only.

The water quality on Aylen Lake, has always been pristine!  Spring fed, with head & foot rivers, the Waters’ of Aylen are home to ‘Natural’ Lake trout, Bass, and many, many more aquatic species. Let’s all do our part to preserve the water quality of Aylen Lake.

The water levels (shown) are taken from the Aylen Lake Dam, and updated monthly.

August 12/2014

August 12/2014

As well, ‘Seasonal’ lake conditions, or updates, will be added.


Present lake conditions: Wet & Some-what warm!


Morning mist

Morning mist


2014 Ice leaving! .. May 4th, for Aylen lake, Ont.(pic/below) …What day will see the end of the ice in 2015?

Iceout 2014

Iceout 2014


Please follow our blog/posts for the latest ‘Aylen waters’ updates.





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