Aylen road report“Road Reports, & Updates”, of the conditions, for ‘ The Aylen Lake Road’. This is a static page, to present the seasonal conditions , and Road notices in effect, for the main road.

Currently: ‘Winter conditions’ still exist, but thawing has started in many areas. ‘Load restrictions’ are also in effect, within the township. Please drive carefully.

Country roads

For more road information, please follow our blog, for notices and updates. Updated, when new and ‘unusual conditions’ are presented. The reports, may provide notices of Natures’ damages, surface upgrades, and maintenances affecting the Aylen lake roads.

We can all do our part to prevent damage to our roads, and vehicles. Considerate driving, slowing down in snow/rain conditions, and perhaps stopping to remove a rock or tree branch, from the road. These, can all help to keep our roads safe.




Drive safely, everyone! Watch for wildlife & enjoy the views, our beautiful country road permits.

Please participate in our poll: Giv’r a try, Eh!

In the last twenty years have you ever been involved in, or witnessed a vehicular accident on the Aylen lake roads?



Thank you.



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