Local News, & Events, coverage from Beautiful Aylen Lake!

An Aylen Lake “Report” is a community bulletin, of news and events, created for the residents of Aylen lake, and its surrounding areas. Within, the “Report”, are Community News, and Special Events updates, for the area. As well, Road Reports, Fire Restrictions, & Water Issues can also be found!

Being, a part of the Aylen lake community is a blessing, and to give service to the lake and area, is an honor.

The beauty of  Aylen lake, and its’ pristine waters, the magnificence of the landscape that surround it, and the fish and wildlife within the area, make Aylen Lake a truly, ‘special place’ for everyone!

Please, check our blog posts, for updates and notices for Aylen lake!

Thank you for your interest.

Enjoy the lake, Everyone! Soak up its’ magnificence.



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Please Note:  All the postings’n’pages here, are created … out of interest, or concern for the area of Aylen lake, Ontario., and the surrounding community . Being descendant of the Dennison family, and early settlers to Aylen lake. I have family heritage, and a love & commitment to this area, I call home! I take pride in advocating for issues of importance regarding  ‘The Lake’ and the community. I hope to bring awareness to other residents, owners, and visitors of the News and the goings’ on, around ‘The Lake’ & in the local area.

I hope to entertain, inform, and maybe provide some dockside reading enjoyment with the posts. Maybe start some discussions with some articles, or create an informative forum, for communicating within the Community.

Welcome to ‘My world!’, a Love for ‘The Lake!’

Aylen lake, Ontario.




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Aylen Lake

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