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Aylen Lake 2 Quick e-mail view Thumbnail Web view In this article: I question; When we should establish a Rec Committee for ‘The Lake’, Aylen Lake, Ontario?

How it Works: The Rec Committee would comprise of a half dozen, maybe less? Committee members. Who, must be eligible to represent the lake on council (ie; residents) to form the Committee, which must be prepared to meet monthly. The balance of members; being made up of the property owners & residents, similar to our ALCA. solcampliteid2 (48) (640x458) (640x458)

The difference is: A ‘Rec Committee’ has a bylaw agreement, binding with the Township. Whereas our ‘ALCA’?

Plus, here’s an important part: *Our ‘Council representative’ must also sit in, on the Committee. This, gives the Rec Committee a direct liason with the Towns’ Council, monthly! Which can raise awareness of issues, or motions to council, that are pertinent to Aylen Lake, and its residents. And,… on a much more timely basis!…  Plus, this would create better/more open ‘Communications’ with everyone!

Please, reference: http://www.southalgonquin.ca/deptdocs/11-406%20Recreation%20By-law.pdf

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**An established Rec Committee can also benefit ‘The Lake’; by applying for government grant$  thru cooperation with the township, for various events, or projects that may be needed for Aylen Lake! As, an example; the Whitney & Madawaska Committees annually utilize a ‘Canada Day grant’, for their Fireworks displays!

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***Another benefit, from establishing an Aylen Lake Rec Committee is that we can save $$$ on Insurance costs by utilizing the ‘Township’s Insurance’ coverage for the Regatta, and other such activities & events.

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Should we convert or alter the ALCA, to form the Aylen Lake Rec Committee? Form a separate Aylen Lake Rec Committee, from the ALCA? or just keep the Status Quo? I only want to ‘Start’ the discussion. What do you think?

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Being a resident over the last couple of decades, I’ve seen the Rec Committees’ of Whitney, and Madawaska benefit greatly, from this relationship/bylaw with our Township. Things, like: ‘Buildings, Structures, Parks, & Recreational programs!’ ….And, on Aylen Lake? Not so much. Eh?

Just for fun,.. Below is a list of things I would wish/advocate for, to see transpire at Aylen Lake over the next few years. For this awesome lakeside community. I know these ideas aren’t for everyone, I just want to see if there’s any interest, or start some dock talk?

firerangersbeach1 (640x480)  From the rec committee: Fire Rangers’ Beach, and Bonnechere’ Beach should be designated as Public beaches! They are anyways, let’s get some Township services & maintenances coordinated for them, and clean’ em up! vidcam1 244 (640x480) Then, upgrade the ‘Public’ restrooms, and some Sun Shelters installed. As well, some secure garbage containers, and Picnic tables should also be added to the beach areas! Just like the pics here; of the ‘Madawaska Rec Committees’, latest Project!…

The ‘J.R. Booth Park’ in Madawaska, Ont. 2016

jrboothlandscape (640x480)


jrboothsunshelter (640x480)


Please Note: The ‘Shoreline’ planning guidelines, buffer zones, etc…  psst, Sorry, that’s maybe another article.

Additionally, from the Aylen Lake Rec Committee team: mlrecnoticessign (640x480) A ‘Community Events & Notices Sign’, installed strategically on the Aylen Lake road, say next to the Fire meter. This would also aid in communications, between the lake residents,  the rec committee, and township notices.

Perhaps, new ‘solar/lighted’ shoal marker buoys (when required) to replace the older ones, around the lake. zoningbylawmtg (640x471) Solar street lamps installed at the boat launch, and utility areas.

Some of the Algonquin Park ‘Trails’ , and ‘Heritage’ type Sites should be identified, cleared, and maintained with their historical relation to Aylen lake, & the area, explained. Perhaps, with some signage, or historical plaques. These, could also be included into future Township planning. (to promote tourism, etc..) vidcam1 231 (640x480)

As well as the Regatta, some other possible recreational events & fundraising might include; Fishing Tournaments, ATV Poker runs, Winter Events Day, A Corn Roast, Garage, Craft, & Bake Sales, Sailing Regattas’, Photo Contests, and more… Let the ‘Family Fun’ reign supreme on Aylen Lake!

For Communicating within the Rec Committee: We can/should establish a ‘Closed’ Facebook group, for voting members/property owners only. This could be utilized for meetings, discussions, and voting on Aylen Lake/member issues etc.. Leaving, the current Facebook; ‘Aylen Lake Cottagers’  page for Social,  and Public discussions, plus Advertising etc..

Forming a Rec Committee: We need the Mayor and Council to acknowledge/appoint/include a ‘new’ Aylen Lake Rec Committee via the Townships Recreation Bylaw. For this, we will also need a commitment from the five/six volunteers (eligible) to form the committee. Plus, a commitment from our council representative.

Madonebldg2016 (640x480)madonebldgent (640x480)

The above, may seem to be far reaching goals, but considering what the rest of the Township has achieved thru their respective Rec Committee’s, in just the past 10 years? The goals mentioned here, ‘still’ wouldn’t bring ‘Aylen Lake’ up to date, with the rest of the Community!

As an owner, resident, or vacationer, do you feel well informed regarding ‘The Lake?’. Why wait six months for a Newsletter?, A year for the AGM meeting?, or for any Communications’, between the Township and the Lake residents!… With todays’ technology?

I think ‘Aylen Lake’, deserves a lil’ more!… Something, I hope we can ‘all’ agree on. Let’s have a majority, not a minority, of the ‘Aylen Lakers’ representing: ‘The Lake!’ Let’s put together a ‘Team” that the Township can’t overlook!

aylenmirror2Please like this article on Facebook, and start/join the conversation. In order to get some attention & get ‘Aylen Lake’ noticed. ‘The Lake’, would love to get at least (50-100) signatures, ahem,… I mean ‘Likes!’… to show support. Also, please give consideration to volunteering on the Committee, if your eligible.

I wish everyone a great summer season! Eh!

Thank you, for your interest.

If forming a Rec Committee, or any of these ideas interest you, please bring them to the attention of our, Aylen Lake representatives: the ALCA, our Councillor, other Town Council, or the Mayor.

To contact us:

Please, watch for a ‘Lakeside Rules’ article… coming soon to Aylen Lake-Services.com

Try our poll?

Would you volunteer to help on a Recreation Committee, for Aylen Lake?



Thank you for your interest.




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