sshing1In Ontario, the rapidly rising costs of Hydro, have the general public looking to the alternatives. The Sun is now shining on the ‘Era of Alternative Energy Ideas!’

Everyday, I receive some news of; A solar technology being announced. Things like solar walkways, roads,  roofs, and windows! sroadways4

Floating, flexible, and film – coating materials,  used to create innovative new product designs. Some of these inventive ideas, will help to revolutionize our future energy dependence. While others will perhaps be one hit wonders, with a short life span. With the speed at which technology develops today, some ideas can actually be out- dated, before they hit the market.

sroadways3 Small business, and changes in government regulation(less) are the key to bringing ‘New’ Alternative Energy Ideas, to the marketplace. We need to create financing, and grant $$ for ideas to flourish. At the same time, governmental regulations/acts must be altered, or barriers lifted to allow more participation, and competition in the markets, this will keep consumer electricity pricing down. The coming changes to the Energy sector, have to be available to all people. The planet needs this.

sroofs2 Certainly, programs like Kickstarter, and other crowd sourcing services, and private investors, help where … our Banking institutions have backed away from supporting, the small business owners. We need community involvement from the lil rural towns, to the large urban centers’. As well, the large corporations to the small entrepreneur.

sflexpan1 For too long, now!, Ideas from the garage mechanic, or backyard inventors have been shelved due to a lack of funding, or financial stress. Even TV shows like The Dragons’ Den, or Shark Tank want ideas that are already demonstrating $uccess. How do we get the development stage financed? The thought,… to paper,… to product process? Almost like early childhood, its’ the most vulnerable stage of a product, or services viability.

The patent process too!, should be addressed. Trying to do this on your own can be a daunting task. Who do you trust?  The ‘small guy’ today, needs an App for this. sroadways6 A simple guide, to follow a step by step process. With the security of knowing; Idea & Identity Protection, is built into it. Possibly matching up inventors with manufacturers, etc.  To speed up all the processes involved, in getting the patents for ideas, and safely getting these products to market.

Today, we have the capabilities to have all our Homes, Cottages, & Rural Retreats be Off the grid! Grid-tied connections are possible in many areas, too. Although, with our current regulations, I think creating ‘Home Energy Independence’ should be our priority. Our homes do not require the big power! Some items do, like water heaters, ranges, & heaters, etc.. but these could be a different energy source. The balance of lighting, small appliances, & electronics can easily be supplied by Solar, and others.  Let’s be independent first, then send the over-supply elsewhere, or to a storage facility. gridvssolarchoice

Then, a Community sharing tie-in with other local energy producers, should be established as a second priority. Similar to supporting the local Farmers’ market, let area communities send their supply to a ‘local neighborhood grid’, or a storage facility.

Now, obviously the manufacturing sector and industrial buildings will require the big KWH power! So to all the Hydro guys, you need not worry. But, that kind of power, is not needed for Small Buildings! Plus, during storms, if the power should go out?,… well I guess it wouldn’t, that’s why they call it ‘Energy Independence!” Can’t say that for the grid-tied connection, where the whole city block goes out! Plus,… as mentioned; How about Ontario’s drastically rising Hydro rates?

solarwellpumpruralThe ideas make sense. The climate is changing, and damn quickly! I might add. We have to look at all the options everyone. Lets’ put our collective thoughts towards; Building with our minds open, to the ‘Alternative Energy’ sourcing, thats’ available to us, today.

Let’s be inventive, or get creative with a new product Idea. Let’s plan and create ‘sharing’ Communities, and end our dependence on the ‘Electricity monopoly!’

Thanks for your interest.

Please, check back soon for more ‘Solar: News, Products, & Ideas’, coming from Aylen

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An interesting idea, need more info...

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