A Lakers’ Plan!,  continues…

If, and after De-Amalgamation, from the Township of South Algonquin. Going forward,… The various Emergency ‘Services‘ to Aylen Lake must be maintained. Aside, from ‘Fire services’,  most of the services are provincial programs, and would only require the administration changeover/setup, with the various providers. Perhaps, some Service’s could be added, expanded, or modified, but the current service level that Aylen lake receives, must be maintained. So, without further ado, I present to ‘U’, the ‘Emergency & other Services’ requirement of A Lakers’ Plan!

 Policing, the Lake

The OPP are the “Go To!” guys, or girls here. They are already established here, so rearranging an agreement with them should be possible. The basis of the agreement may take some negotiating though?

As mentioned, in other Articles; If the Aylen Lake community contributes to, over a third of the Tax base for the Township of South Algonquin. Then, what is our entitlement to the Townships’ Equipment & Assets?, upon departure,… or Aylen Lakes’ responsibility, to any Township liabilities, or debt? Arbitrarily, let’s use 33.3% or 1/3rd for here and throughout, A Lakers’ Plan! We don’t want to ‘Rock the Boat!’!? So to speak. 

 So, with the OPP costs, a contract at 33.3% of South Algonquins’ existing payments. Or, maybe a look into the # of policing/calls (to the South Algonquin area) vs. (to the Aylen Lake community). Then, figure out a contract from that. Let’s be honest here. The OPP only visit the Lake, maybe 1/2 times a year for boaters watch/surveillance, the Regatta weekend on occasion, and some winter patrols. Other than that, ‘Emergency calls’ are what they are. When, and where they happen, no one knows. Maybe, coordinating the summer/winter Fish derby, or another type of Family/Charity event with the OPP, could assist in the relationship changeover. (see: ToSA reference below)

Ambulatory Services: This arrangement, just like the Policing (above), and all the ‘Other Provincial’ services, could be broken down $imiliar, with the 1/3 rule of ToSA budgets? This, for the financial responsbilities, and forming an agreement with them.

Now, with the Ambulance ‘Service’. A Lakers’ Plan perhaps, would also add in for a ‘Helipad’/ landing Area (a roughcut clearing). Convienient for the ‘Boat Access’ side of the lake. Located somewhere centrally, on the lake.  Or, Being as how it really only requires some minor land clearing. Maybe, have a ‘Cut’ done at the ends of the  lake on Aylen. The local Lumber co.’s, seem to have no problem clearing openings.  So, Aylen Lake would just need some approval, with the authorities(MNRF).

Now, let’s ‘Heat’ things up a little?.  Being a fulltime resident on the Lake I’ve not seen many fires. In 2016, there was a forest fire over in Barron Canyon area, not far from Aylen though.

What the Fire Protection Services, are for ‘The Lake’?, Where is the Equipment located? Where are the keys? What about the winter months?, Any possible liabilities? How are the Boat Access cottagers protected?,  Where did the # for the Fire Marshall, go off the Fire Meter sign?, How do you get a burning Permit?.

How are people to know?,.. That, when calling 911, from your cell phone, you must provide the lake address, or GPS coordinates, to the 911 operator. For reference: the local Madawaska volunteer Fire dept. (Mad Volunteer FD?)., and the Lakers, who volunteer on the lake. Deserve much appreciation for their service. ‘Thank you’, to all who volunteer for the Aylen Lake community.

Youtube video RED GREEN GUY,lonelyfirewatch>>>>

 As we Plan the future of Fire Protection on the lake. I’d like to address the equipment requirements, the lakes’ seasonal differences, and some  other opportunities, that are possible. A Lakers’ Plan for future Fire Services,  on Aylen Lake.

 The Summer Season: A Fire/ Utility Boat, with trailer and quick launch capable. Would be a nice start to the plan. A boat similar to the one pictured at the  left. This would certainly help to reach the lake access cottages, during 7/8 months of the year. ‘The Boat’  could also serve to assist with other Lake Services too! Like a boat Ambulance.

 The Winter Season:  A Snowmobile & Sled pack, should be planned, maybe even a pair of em’. The trailer/sleds get packed with: a Fire pump, assoc. hoses, a backpack sprayer, and an ‘Ice Auger’. This would almost, give year round service, around the entire lake.  Or, perhaps a couple ATV’s setup, with the track system could be a viable year round option here, too!  Or, an Argo setup for Fire rescue. The point, is to try & provide the boat access side of the lake, with some fire service protections. Afterall, they basically have no EMS.

A Small Fire House/Equipment Storage Building  & most importantly ‘A Dedicated Volunteer Fire Squad’ are essential components of this program. For the Responsibilities & Services, of Building, Septic, Health Inspectors/Permits/MPAC, & School boards/ etc..please follow back for the Next post aboot ‘A Laker’s Plan’

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ToSA council minutes reference/ OPP fish tourney: -The CAO/Clerk-Treasurer has been in contact with the O.P.P. and both Recreation Committees regarding the annual Kids, Cops and Canadian Tire Fishing Derby. The O.P.P. will not be participating this year. The Recreation Committees will be very busy with the Festival of Outdoors Rinks. 

Hmmm?, Too busy celebrating & spending the grant monies, received for the New Rink roof!, Instead of running the Fish Derby, and attracting tourists ‘n’ money to the area, and into our local businesses. Wow!




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