I Love Aylen Lake!, Oh, Yes I Do! So here’s a Plan, for what Aylen Lakers’ can do!,…  A Lakers Plan!

An ‘Idea’ to help preserve the natural beauty of ‘The Lake’, and it’s surroundings. While, getting some much needed services, to ‘The Lake’ that  it requires, and deserves. According to a recent poll; ‘The Status Quo’ is no longer just ‘Ok’, on Aylen Lake.  Year after year, the services, and relationship with the Township of South Algonquin have withered, and much like our Roads, are just eroding away. What’s a lil’ lake community to do?…

Maybe,… De-Amalgamate from the Township?… Well, that would definitely be, no simple task. The costs’ to replace the Services, and Administration alone, would raise some eyebrows. The annual maintenance of the Road system’, would be a sizable expense. Our current Waste/disposal system’ can only be improved upon, and proper recycling/options should be addressed. The Administration staff, they would be necessary to be a liason/agent between the varying government dept.’s, and to communicate these, back to the community.

 So,… We had better have a Plan!, and commitment from a majority of the Aylen Lake community. In; ‘A Lakers’ Plan’, I will focus on ‘replacing’ the Services, that are currently attempted by our township. (wa$te?, road$?, & administration$)

Also, the Plan will look at other options that could perhaps be of interest, to Aylen lakers. Lot’s of finer details will arise, I’m sure. But for now, let’s just consider the plan, a foundation for further discussion… Perhaps, it will initiate some dock talk… So, without further ado, may I present to ‘U’?;  A Lakers Plan!  A plan for something better! Better for the lake, better for the forest, and better for all it’s community members. This post will focus on a waste program for ‘The Lake’!

Waste Disposal Systems, & Recycling Programs

So, here is an option to replace our existing …. waste management system?

The ‘Moluk’ container program shown above, has been utilized in Algonquin Park, for years now. As well, several local restaurants, & businesses throughout the area, also utilize the ‘Moluk’ service.  It really is kinda unique. With different Moluks’, for differing waste/recyclables. Ottawa Valley Waste Recovery (OVWR) executes the program. The waste generated is collected, and shipped to the OVWR Center, located in Pembroke, Ontario. At the ‘Center’ the waste is sorted, recycled, and further processed. Sweet!The trucks are driving by the Aylen Lake Road, along Highway #60, all the time!

So,… Here’s my Idea! How about utilizing the first timber cut/staging area, on the Aylen lake road. At the bottom of the hill, just down from Hwy #60.  Put together a land use agreement with authorities, and with some equipment, and a little TLC. A cute lil’ properly planned Cul de sac/Courtyard here, could be turned into a quite viable ‘Services’ Property.

Then, a Waste ‘n’ Recycling drop off location, with the Moluk/OVWR program could be implemented, here. Residents, of Aylen lake would then have a permanent, and convienient location for waste dropoff, on their way in or out, from ‘The Lake’.

Now, without getting to carried away. I thought what else (services) does Aylen Lake, lack? Well, a Postal Code for Aylen lake, and a Postal Service Community box could be setup, there. Since I moved here, I’ve experienced all kinds of mailing issues, & had addressing problems being located on the lake. It’s like we didn’t exist. Can you Remember when?: The ‘Marina’ had postal service. What ever happened? Nowadays, couriers won’t deliver here? No newspapers? Too, far off the highway they say? You have to have your ‘deliveries’ dropped in town (Barrys’ Bay?). Maybe, some sort of Courier’s drop box could also be arranged there, too!

 How, aboot? A safe Bus Stop, for ‘The Lake’ area school children. This, could be established here, as well. Currently, the pickup/dropoff is on Hwy#60. Plus, get this?,… the Bus driver has to turnaround the bus, on the highway. For the safety factor alone, this is a good idea.

Aylen Lake also needs; a more convieniently located Community Bulletin Board, and Information center.  The existing communications between the township, and the Aylen lake Community has been virtually non-existent for years. I would plan a community bulletin board in this ‘New’ Aylen Lake Courtyard?, and/also one at the Aylen Dam, next to the Fire Meter sign. These locations assure everyone, the opportunity for viewing. Road access residents rarely pass by the Parking lot’s old bulletin board, located at the Marina’s shoreline.(Which, is in dire need of a makeover!)

A ‘Rest Stop’, or ‘Parking’ area for commuters, and carpoolers, could also be incorporated into the area. Plus, the ‘Cellular’ service is great there! It’s right near the tower. Maybe, a future Wi-Fi Hot spot?, too!  All, right there at the highway, for convienience.

All this, can be created, without the need for a Hydro service. If required, put some Solar Panels on the shelter roof. Then add some Area lighting, and also a small recharging station, could be included . Later on,… possibly, even a vehicle recharge station, too? Maybe?

Hey!, “What about a… ‘Welcome to ‘The Lake’!, Aylen Lake!’ Sign located as you turn off the highway. A great big, hand crafted, beautiful, welcoming to ‘The Lake’ as opposed to the mess of signs there now.

The ideas presented here, should reduce the traffic on the road, and unnecessary wear on all the Servicing vehicles’. Perhaps, then the Newspapers, Couriers, and others will deliver to ‘The Lake’ again. School children will be much safer, and we will ‘exist’ in the Addressing ‘n’ Postal community, once more. Sorry, it’s so easy to plan options, that we don’t have, it’s kind a like shopping. Eh?

Update: The Township posted: Aug 01/2017 a

Request for Proposal

Design and Construction of “Welcome Signs”

The Township of South Algonquin is Requesting a proposal from interested parties for the design and construction of four signs to be installed along the highways where they intersect the township limits as outlined.

…. and Aylen Lake???


So, … Where was I?, Ok back to A Lakers’ Plan, for the ‘Waste System & Services’ for Aylen lake! …

 So, then for the ‘Bulk’ disposal of items? It is much closer for Aylen lakers, to go to the Bark lake waste facility just down the highway(approx. 5km.) from the lake road. Being, on the way to Barrys Bay, they are convienient, & nicely setup  for Recycling, and also have an up-to- date sorting & transfer station. Plus, their ‘Open’ hours schedule, is quite accommodating.  Perhaps, we could negotiate some access /ID card arrangements with them. Just, for our bulk waste only. Assuming, the ‘Moluk’ idea(above) was to be initiated!

Did I mention? Our current township is reviewing a proposal that would see the Lyell (Madawaska) Landfill site expanded almost double its size. Somebody should ask them, If,…? They got 3/4 proposals, from the various enviro-engineering firms? Did they consider adding any Recycling intitiatives? The ToSA sites, leave me wondering and concerned?,… They mulch (aka ‘Fluffing’) the cardboard, plastic, wood, and more altogether!  Where’s the Sorting, & Recycling of this stuff? Where’s the fenced/gated access, & monitored area? They removed the Aylen Lake bins, a few years ago, because they didn’t want the expense, of setting  up a location like this at Aylen lake…. Yet, in Madawska, there is still no fence, installed at the Lyell site? The gate is similar to the one at Aylens’ old waste site/now the overflow parking area. And, how is the site Monitored? Hmm?

The picture of the waste pile (at right/above) was taken from the Lyell site.(before fluffing) To think, that this is even permitted nowadays?  To have such an outdated, & morally unacceptable system, operating along the border of the sensitive ecosystems of Algonquin Park. And now, they’re thinking of an expansion? Instead of making the ‘Issue’ bigger?, How about looking at ‘Reducing!’, or at least other ‘Options?’ The ToSA should be looking towards ‘their neighbors’ on any side of them, for ideas. For goodness sakes’ it’s 2017, and it’s embarrassing!

By creating this ‘Service Area’ at the highway, it’s seems it would be convienient, and make a lot of sense. Regarding, the ‘Waste Services”. I know these Ideas may seem, to be logical. But maybe, after costing out these various ammenities, they could prove unreali$tic. Let’s remember the recent poll results, though; the ‘Status Quo’ is no longer acceptable!  So we need some Ideas. Let’s learn from Aylens’, past. Let’s work towards a cleaner and, greener future for Aylen Lake.

How should the Aylen lake community, deal with the Township relationship, into the future?

Keep calm and carry on! Everythings\' fine

Contact the Province, the Ombudsman? I have concerns

Pursue De-Amalgamation?, sounds good to me

Any options, but the Status Quo! enough already

Please comment below, suggest other ideas, make additions to the Plan, or just start some dock talk this summer! A Lakers’ Plan is the start to this series: Other ‘Services’, will be discussed in future articles/posts…. Fire, Police, & Ambulance services, plus Inspectors, and more opportunities will be included there. A ‘Services Plan’, 4 Aylen!

And, please follow back, for more in the series: Like … Administering  ‘A Lakers’ Plan!

Please Note: All the pages’ n’ postings here, are created … out of interest, or concern for the lake, the lands, or the surrounding community .

Being a direct descendant of the Dennison family, and early settlers to Aylen lake. I have family heritage, and a love & commitment to this area, I call ‘Home!’

I take pride in advocating for issues of importance regarding  ‘The Lake’ and the community. I hope to entertain, inform, and maybe provide some dockside reading enjoyment with the posts.  A shop from your dock experience, while having your morning ‘Jo’. Or maybe create an informative forum, for communicating within the Community.

Welcome to ‘My world!’, a Love for ‘The Lake!’

Aylen lake, Ontario.


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