Dear Joe,

A Letter from the North – End

After observing the Facebook conversations, in the Aylen Lake Cottager’s Group;… regarding the Aylen Road ‘Paving’(june 2018). I thought I would carefully enter my two cents worth… here on my blog.

First I would like to thank Joe, the Roads Committee chairperson/councillor for informing us, of the upcoming Aylen Road Paving Project. Although I think his intentions were good, he didn’t realize the conversation it would create, or perhaps he did? It’s funny though, that this announcement? didn’t come from our Council rep, or the ALCA? In fact, both parties have been pretty silent ‘n’ abstaining from the Facebook conversation.

Also I would like to thank Mr. Ryan, an Aylen lake neighbor & fellow cottage owner for bringing awareness to the issue. Although, after much chatter, his original question, I feel was still left unanswered. “Was a proper Consultation  , or Public Notice process followed?

 Say, according to the Townships’ Official Plan, or the Plannning Act of Ontario, or were all S.A.’s Municipal Policies followed. Honestly, If this had been properly consulted n ‘Planned’ for?… “Who,  would ‘Plan’ a project, to do 2/3 of the job?” Oh my! Really?

Whether your ‘For or Against’ the Road’s paving, matters not. All Aylen Lakers should have the option, to have their opinion heard, and be represented to council. Or be a part of the ‘Consultation’ process.  Any communications/participation should always be welcomed.

Some points of my own curiosity, though?… An MNR application to permit (work permits, species at risk, forestry, etc…), plus an MOE environmental assessment (Class EA) is  required for Municipal Road projects. Have these been done? Many parts of the Aylen Lake road border within, mere metres of the lake’s river system. Also, a couple of sections, border very close to Wetland areas.

 At the Highway end; because of the Hwy#60 (prov.) entrance, the MOT has juristriction over the first 300 metres of the Aylen Road.  Permits, and permissions would also be required from them, too. Moreover, the Aylen river system empties into the Opeongo, near to the Barkwick Camp Area, on Hwy#60. I wonder if these residents & vacationers have been informed (via public notice) of the project, or any potential impacts downstream. Oh!, Ontario Hydro and Infastructure Ontario too, should have some involvement in a project like this.

Curious, I wonder?… How was this project Advocated for? ,… Did our council Rep put forward a proposal? Did the ALCA put forward the proposal? Did an individual personally advocate the council, for this? Or was it advocated for, at a Planning meeting?  Hmm?, Why were so many Aylen Lakers left unaware?

 Again, It seems strange none of the above, had joined the conversation. Or that ‘Dear Joe’ was the one to ‘Announce it’ on  Facebook? on Facebook! even that seems odd? Maybe, he has higher ‘Municipal Aspirations?”, Eh?

Now How about the ‘Grant’ issuer, have they been made aware of the lack of due process’n’consultation? Perhaps, some upfront honesty, already. Just so we don’t have to wait another twenty years for a council decision?, or another grant opportunity?, to complete the project.

Should the Dickens ward, be grateful?… For what? Another half- completed project idea, thrust upon Aylen lakers without proper consultation. So far, after 20 years of Amalgamation: Aylen Lake has received 2 Public Docks, both without consultation of Aylen lakers, and thus, have been insufficient to the Aylen lake’s, boater requirements. Also, 200+ loads of Gravel were added, to Aylen’s roads… thus completing the Main road, and Gaffney road, before running out of gravel only a 1km. up the North Aylen road. We’ve had our Disposal service scolded, & bins removed. The last 5 years our Road Maintenance service has eroded, & deteriorated, to the point where unsafe conditions now exist, in several areas.  And, their own ‘Road Improvement’ attempts, have resulted in more do-overs, than I give myself golfing! Good leadership?

 Being an ‘Election year!’, we can certainly shake things up with the Townships’ Mayor & Council representation. In 2014, ‘Dickens’ ward had 456 electors, the second highest ward in the township. Top to bottom things should change, folks!, and ‘united’ we can effect some change.

So, as others have suggested, I too, would also like to propose an imprompt2– Private Cottagers Meeting? (time’n’day’n’place pending?,.. maybe let the Facebook conversation decide?). A meeting, for Aylen Lakers, and their cottage families only! Private ‘n’ without any township influences, please.

A meeting: To discuss the ToSA, and this years’ Election openly? Nominations must be set by July 26th for all positions… A meeting: To talk about the ALCA, and it’s role? Mostly, how Aylen Lakers could play a role, in deciding what happens to the lake now, and into the future. We must show we are organized, we must be ‘united’ as lake represention, and commit to year round meetings, & communications to all Aylen lakers.

Make your vote count in 2018! Use it, for the Aylen Lake area, and South Algonquin Township! The Aylen Lake area, needs some younger committed, transparent, representation. Maybe that’s you? Please get involved, more municipal Election news, coming soon, please follow back.

Try our poll, please? 

What kind of Aylen Laker are you?

A year round resident

A 6 month Snowbird

A Summer Staycationer

A long weekender

Thanx, for stopping by!

Have a Great Day! ‘n’ Enjoy your time spent on Aylen Lake. There’s nowhere better!

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