fftrkpicEver since I was a young lad, I have loved the roadside ‘Chip Trucks!’ The scent of the oil wafting across a parking lot, or the strong smell of malt vinegar as you approach from downwind. I can remember my Dad, my Grandpa, and others, treating me to fries. Then, saying things like: Make sure I eat all my dinner!, or Don’t tell your Mom!

Nowadays, deep fried pickles grace the menu boards & seem to be a hit with the public. Have you tried these! If you like pickles, these are incredibly awesome! A crunchy sour treat for sure! Usually accompanied by a dip of dill dressing, these pickles give my tummy tickles!

Plus, there are now several varieties of poutine, to choose from. My personal favourite is the ‘Polish poutine!’ Aptly named for this area, adding heaping mounds of fried onions and bacon, to your favourite Trucks’ poutine, is a totally sinful calorie eruption, and the health benefits are probably non existent. But, I have to say, I think it takes poutine to the next level! Your taste buds can easily decifer the variety of flavors, that pop with every bite.fftrkpic2

The usual fare of burgers’n’dogs, are available too!

Aylen lake area residents and visitors, have three local chip trucks to choose from in Barrys’ bay…

lmfries2015 (640x480)‘L&M Fantastic Fries’@the Shell gas station,

‘Polka Spudz’ across from the Zurakowski Park polkaspudz2015 (640x480),

and ‘Charlie D’s’ where the old laundramat was located.

charlieds2015 (640x480)

Love em’ or Leave em’, summertime is always the right time, to go on a ‘Chip truck quest!” Find your favorite ‘Truck’,  your favorite ‘Location’, favorite ‘Fries’, or for the adventurous try something “New” off the menu!

These french fry stops have some great potatoes, why not give em’ a try, the next time your travelling by.

Enjoy the ‘Chip truck’ season, everyone.

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